Occupy Wall Street holds Freedom Park

SUBHEAD: Action, resistance and solidarity at dawn discourage New York from evicting OWS as planned. [Editor's note: Many factors played a part. The quick response of over a quarter of a million who joined the MoveOn.org petition helped. The quick response of the OWS to clean Zucotti Park was a big factor. The solidarity of organized labor in the hours before dawn was crucial. It all came together and the Banksters were pushed back.] By Justin Ruben on 14 October 2011 for MoveOn.org - (http://front.moveon.org/breaking-occupy-wins-bloomberg-backs-down) Image above: Reaction of OWS crowd to news that NYPD would not be clearing Zucotti Park and arresting demonstrators. Still from video below. Huge news! This morning at 6 o'clock, MoveOn members, union members, community organizers and thousands of others gathered in Zuccotti Park to stand in solidarity with the people who are occupying Wall Street and to defend them from eviction by Mayor Bloomberg. They were supported by hundreds of thousands of people from around the country like you who signed petitions and flooded the city with calls. And they won! We've got video of the scene as the announcement was read and, well, you've got to watch it. Video above: Announcement of postponement of clearing Freedom Park of Occupy Wall Street. From (http://youtu.be/c9D33hr4CW0). P.S. You can also sign up to get SMS text alerts on Occupy Wall Street (http://civic.moveon.org/mobile/ows.html?id=31994-3312037-fL9uxBx&t=3). .

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