Chinese closes down OWS coverage

SUBHEAD: Chinese officials are worried and cracking down on Occupy Wall Street media coverage. By Zaid Jilani on 21 October 2011 for Think Progress - ( Image above: A sanctioned OWS demonstration in China in early October (note policeman). Note "Tax the Rich" sign and "" signage. From article below. When the Occupy Wall Street protests started last month, Chinese state media blasted the U.S. media for its poor coverage of the events. Yet as the Financial Times reports, now that the protests are spreading and igniting global unrest, Chinese censors are cracking down on coverage. “A magazine to which I am a contributor has received a notice from regulators saying that it must not carry any content regarding Occupy Wall Street,” said journalism professor Hu Jong. A handful of occupation-style protests have popped up in China, and it’s possible that Chinese government officials fear that their own citizens will soon begin protests like those in Zuccotti Park.
OWS Protests in China By Staff on 6 October 2011 for China Study Group - ( A group of several hundred individuals in Zhengzhou protested earlier today in support of Occupy Wall Street, I believe earning them the distinction of being the first public action in China related to the occupation. As far as I can tell, the event was related to a Maoist grouping, going by the signs and the rhetoric from the posting at Utopia. Can anyone else recall an international solidarity action in China in recent memory? I can’t. Well, maybe the aborted anti-war marches of 2003, but there was a great deal of expat involvement in those. Indeed, it’s so jarring that Western journalists have been forced to face up to their utter confusion about Chinese popular nationalism and left-wing groups and rhetoric. Quite rich to claim that if the people you report on on fail to fit into your narrative, it’s because they’re confused and muddled. There was also an action in Hong Kong on October 5th led by the group Socialist Action, a Trotskyist organisation. Several dozen Hong Kong youth protested outside the stock exchange and US consulate. China Worker has an in-depth article on the event in English.

Meanwhile October 15th has been slated as the day to ‘Occupy Asia,’ including Taipei. I didn’t see Hong Kong listed there, anyone know?


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