NYPD to evict Occupy Wall Street

iSUBHEAD: Mayor Michael Bloomberg, after praising OWS, has plan for eviction at 7:00am Friday 10/14. By Angie on 13 October 2011 for MoveOn.org - (http://front.moveon.org/breaking-mayor-bloomberg-attempting-to-evict-occupywallstreet-protesters/) Image above: Image of new rules for Liberty (Zuccotti) Park. From MoveOn.org posting. Just found out that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are being evicted from Zuccotti Park at 7am tomorrow morning. Mayor Bloomberg is sending in the police to clear the park so it can be "cleaned" and is imposing new rules that won't allow protesters to continue to occupy the park. These protesters have been standing up for all of us against corporate greed on Wall Street and the corporate takeover of our democracy. It's time we stand with them. Please join me in urgently signing a petition to Mayor Bloomberg to keep him from evicting the protesters. Just use the link below. Claiming a need to clean the park, the Mayor sounds eerily like Governor Scott Walker before the occupation of Wisconsin’s Capitol building was forced out. See the new “rules” below and then sign the petition to defend #OWS’ right to protest! .

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