Occupy Kauai October 15th

SUBHEAD: A demonstration on Kauai in support of Occupy Wall Street and human needs not corporate greed.  

By Kip Goodwin on 6 October 2011 for October11.org - 

Image above: Supporters of Occupy Kauai at stage at Papaya's Healh Foods near Safeway in the Waipuoli Shopping Plaza, in Koloa Kauai. From the author.  

Occupy Kauai" Human Needs Not Corporate Greed Rally  

Saturday October 15, 11:30AM- 1:30PM  

  Intersection facing Safeway Shopping Center, Kapaa  

Derrick at 645-0567, Kip at 822-7646

Why isn’t Wall Street in jail?

Why haven’t the wars stopped?

Why aren’t the rich taxed the same or more than everybody else?

Why is Social Security, a proven and popular retirement program that is separate from the federal budget, being threat- ened?

Why do corporations get tax loopholes and offshore tax havens?

Why should workers’ right to organize and bar- gain be threatened?

Why are corporations “artificial people” with power and influence real people don’t have?

Why have political campaigns become multi million dollar enterprises?

 In the post World War Two era of a thriving middle class, when Dad might have worked on an assembly line and Mom was a homemaker, and the kids' school offered art and music classes, the wealthiest one percent of Americans never took in more than 12.8 percent of the nation's pre tax income. From the Ronald Reagan Presidency on, things began to shift. Wealth redistributed upward so that today the top one percent receive 25 percent of income.

According to Paul Buchheit, a professor with City Colleges of Chicago, "if middle- and upper-middle-income families had maintained the same share of Americal productivity that they held in 1980, they would be making an average $12,500 more per year." The size of our economy "has quintupled since 1980, and we all contributed to that success.

But our contributions have earned us nothing. While total income has also quintupled, percentage-wise almost all the gains went to the richest 1 percent." Bring a sign and your Aloha Spirit.

Support the OCTOBER2011.ORG movement and our Kauai neighbors who are part of the occupation of Freedom Plaza, Washington D.C.


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