An Evening in Freedom Park

SOURCE: Shannon Rudolph ( SUBHEAD: Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have a vibrant night life most people have not seen. By Fidel Amos on 10 October 2011 for YouTube - ( Image above: Still from video below. Fidel's Wandering Eye takes a walk amongst the protestors at Wall Street's Freedom (Zuccotti) Park on Monday night, October 10th 2011. One commnet on this video read:
"the world should look like this more often.. seeing people come together instead the whole "wake up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat" idea. this is REALLY living. we aren't in our little homes in front of the propaganda box (TV). we must keep this peaceful no matter what. our actions will determine the outcome. not one person deserves to lose their life over this. no matter how crazy things get, keep calm and take care of each other. the people united will never be defeated."
Video above: An after dark walk and the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. From ( .

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