The 3D Drawing Machine

SUBHEAD: An low-tech invention that could have existed a thousand tears ago... had anybody thought of it.  

By Chistopher 11 September 2011 for This is Colossal - 

 Image above: Perspective created of Cloudgate sculpture in Millennium Park, Chicago, with Vision 3D drawing machine. From original (
Vision is a rather unique 3D drawing device created by twins Ryan & Trevor Oakes, allowing almost anyone to draw images in perfect perspective using nothing but your eyes and a pen. The device MESSES WITH YOUR BRAIN by using a technique that splits the ocular system, creating two images of the subject, allowing the artist to literally trace one directly onto paper. You really need to watch the video to get a clear idea of how it works, and there’s also some rather touching remarks about the nature of the twins relationship.

This made the rounds back in 2009, but that was pre-Colossal, and before the recent creation of the video above, so I feel at least somewhat justified covering it here. Plus, it’s just freaking awesome, and gave me an excuse to finally create the drawing machines tag. (via polkadot).

Video above: Demonstration of Vision 3D Drawing Machine by the Oakes brothers. From (

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