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SOURCE: Rich Hoeppner (
SUBHEAD: Kauai residents Judie Hilke and Rich Hoeppner report on October11 demonstrations in Washington DC.  

By Judie Hilke & Rich Hoeppner on 9 October 2011 for Island Breath - (

Image above: The National Air and Space Museum in Washington was closed Saturday after anti-war demonstrators tried to enter the building to protest a drone exhibit, and at least one person was pepper-sprayed. From (

Things are moving right along here in Washington DC. We got into Dulles Airport about 4PM Tuesday and made it to an rally at "Busboys and Poets" restaurant by about 6:30PM. While we were waiting to get in, we were asked to be interviewed by a lady and a guy with a huge camera.

We told them where we had come from, who we were, and why we were there in an extensive interview. After we were done they told us they were from the locel FOX TV station. The next day we found out the interview actually made the news but we don't watch that station so we missed it. We may get a copy of it later.

 The next day, first day of the occupation, there was about 5 to 8 thousand people in Freedom Plaza with speakers and music. We stayed in the park all night and about froze our buns off with the 40ยบ something temperatures here.

 On Friday there was a huge march from Freedom Plaza, past the White House, then to a company that builds the Drone aircraft that wipes out entire blocks of people to get at one insurgent, so they classify all that are killed, men, women, and children, as insurgents. If this isn't a war crime, then all those tried at Nuremburg should have all been released also.

The same day there was a march on the Chamber of Commerce who were advertising JOBS. We all filled out applications for jobs and when they didn't have any, we demanded they take the sign down as it was false advertising. Y

esterday there was another huge march that we missed, to the Air and Space museum where they have displays of all the missiles that kill with COLLATERAL DAMAGE. There was a sit-down at the front door which resulted in many people getting pepper sprayed, and one arrest.

There is resolve to continue occupation of Freedom Plaza even though the permit runs out at Midnight tonight. What happens then only time will tell, but we plan to be here at least until the 20th. It is all very exciting and we have met people from all over the country, most of who surprisingly are about our age.(over 55). I will also be sending a photo of Judie along with models of the Drones in front of the White House at the march yesterday.

Freedom Plaza is Ours

 By David Swanson on 10 October 2011 for -

And we're never giving it back. Our permit for Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., expired, we refused to leave, and the Park Police has just proposed to let us stay for four more months.

We've agreed. We have not said that when the four months are over and the American Spring is here we will leave.

In fact, we intend to make it possible for anyone to visit D.C. with free accommodations. Just bring a sleeping bag and agree to work with us to pressure Congress, the White House, K Street, the Pentagon, and all the lobbyists and profiteers for peace and justice. We have free food, we have free drink, we have free trainings and seminars, we have tents, we have peace keepers, we have a big victory under out belts, and we welcome all peace makers for they shall inherit Freedom Plaza. We own it. It is ours. It shall remain ours world without end.

The Taste of DC food festival just gave us all their remaining food. Or at least all the individual booths did. Ben and Jerry's just endorsed us. Busboys and Poets just fed us. Businesses that support us will be honored and supported by 99 percent of this country.

So, here's the plan: Bring us your reports from around the country at your local Occupations. Fill us in here in the Empire's Capital. We will fill you in too. We will train and inspire and connect you with the rest of this global movement. Then go back home energized. Come down from New York and go back up. We need to coordinate on a personal level.

Our brothers and sisters in McPherson Square have a growing occupation too. Join them. Join us. We're family. We disrupted the work of the NSA today, and the Association of the Army's convention at which our women had generals crawling under tanks to avoid cameras. We shut down a celebration of Christopher Columbus as well.

And Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. sharp in Our Freedom Plaza we will set off to "welcome" Congress back to town. Join us. We are legion.

The one thing that we need now is money, and you can contribute it at

Or you can wait for the bankster war machine to confiscate your money, eat your retirement, swallow your healthcare, foreclose on your home, and tax you into debt to pay for plutocrats' profiteering.

It's up to you.

It's up to us.


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