Diamonds in the Rough

SUBHEAD: Beginning a series of informative videos about our energy and financial crisis as well as the future.  

By Nicole Foss on 17 October 2011 for the Automatic Earth - 

Image above: Still frame of Nicole (Stoneleigh) Foss from "Finance & Bubbles" video below.  

[Author's note: A series of short videos in which Stoneleigh aka Nicole Foss talks about finance and energy to the Swedish team of Andersö & Boman. The location is an old retired tugboat in the old port in the center of Stockholm. The date is October 11 2011.] 

Finance and Bubbles  
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Nuclear Power  
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  Cheap Energy  
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 Alternative Energy  
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 Attention Members of The Automatic Earth Community!!
 We are pleased to announce the beginning of a new series of articles that will focus on models, ideas, concepts, developments, etc., that could potentially play a significant role in shaping our collective futures during or after upcoming periods of financial and/or industrial collapse. It will be an interactive process and will draw upon the knowledge and resources of everyone in the TAE community who is able and willing to participate!

Anyone who wishes to participate must simply email the idea to [taediamonds at gmail dot com], along with a few supporting sources of information on the concept (articles, papers, videos, other relevant material, etc.). The ideas will be collected and reviewed in the order they are received. Once they are briefly reviewed, the first four ideas will be listed in a poll on TAE website, and everyone will be allowed to vote for a full week on which idea they are most interested in hearing about in further detail .

Once a winning idea is established by the TAE community, the originator of the idea will be contacted and given a chance to produce his/her own write-up on the idea and for it to be published as a lead TAE article. If the originator declines, then another member will do a short write-up on the idea whenever time permits. After the relevant article is published, the entire process will re-start. To make this work, a few loose guidelines should be followed:
Only one idea can be submitted by each person for each period. Once a winning idea for a period is established, another idea can be submitted. 2) The idea must have some existing foundation for its potential importance or success in the future (i.e. no ideas about people escaping Earth on a space shuttle and colonizing Mars with a sustainable Green society). 2) The idea must focus on the actual or potential actions of individuals or small groups that have or could unilaterally accomplish their goals, rather than relying on top-down "solutions" (i.e. no ideas about organizing protests to affect systemic political change).
Example: North Dakota's model of a state-owned central bank and independent monetary system, and its viability as a model for other states post financial collapse (sorry, this idea will be the first entry to kick things off and is now officially off the table). Please email ideas and any questions to the address listed above. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from all of you soon! .

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