Occupy This!

SOURCE: Shannon Rudolph (shannonkona@gmail.com) SUBHEAD: A rant by the Old Fart on the Occupy Wall Street movement. They got it right and the Tea Party got it wrong. By The Old Fart on 11 October 2011 for Old Fart Rants - (http://www.youtube.com/user/oldfartrants) Image above: Still of the Old Fart from video below. If you're a Teabagger, put on your powdered wig and tri-cornered hat for a little history lesson. The original Boston Tea Party, the one from the history books, was sparked by a corporate tax cut for a British corporation. It was civil disobedience against a private corporation. The original Boston Tea Party feared that corporate greed would destroy America. The original Boston Tea Party believed government was necessary to protect us against corporate excess. How many teabaggers did you see getting arrested at their protests? None. We all saw their signs that are THIS CLOSE to being threats against the president of the United States, but did you see anyone getting beat up, maced, or arrested? No! When we saw teabaggers bringing loaded guns to town halls and speeches by Obama, did you see any of them getting hauled off in handcuffs? No! You know how to tell who the good guys are? The sane people? The people who represent the truth? They're the ones the police are beating up, macing and arresting. That's exactly how it was in the 60's when me and my hippy friends were protesting the Viet Nam war. If you haven't heard of Kent State, go look it up. Four dead in Ohio! And do you know who came out on the right side of history. We did. We were right back then when everybody said we were wrong -- and everybody knows it now. The Wall Street protestors are the real deal - they're on the right side of history. They know who the real enemy is, and if you live long enough, you'll see I'm right. Video above: Be forewarned. There is a pop-up ad. It can be clicked off. From (http://youtu.be/LVNFGao42Ak). .

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