P2P Kauai Meeting 10/10

SUBHEAD: The first P2P (Power to the People) Potluck & General Meeting will be held at Lydgate Park on October 10th at 4:30.  

By Jonathan Jay on 4 October 2011 for p2pKauai - 

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After a string of well-attended regional meetings (north, south east and west) around Kaua`i with over 40 people cumulatively attending, things are beginning to shape up! Join Us to: Build a better CO-OP, Keep your energy dollars on Kaua`i & Reduce your electrical rates Create a sustainable energy grid for future generations !!!! The first P2P (Power to the People) Kaua`i ISLANDWIDE Potluck & Meeting will be held @ Lydgate Park under the pavilion, Monday, Oct 10th.

We eat @ 4:30. then meet 5-7pm.

Please bring some yummy food to share with your neighbors, and good ideas on how Community can more effectively engage with KIUC, to build a better coop, and reduce our electrical rates, achieve a sustainable energy future for Kaua`i. Just Some of the issues your fellow islanders have identified: KIUC has the highest electrical rates in the nation.

We want some affordable electricity for all, with steeply indexed prices based on consumption, and see no need for "smart meters" to do this. Ever wonder why KIUC doesnʻt seem to act in your interest? Kaua`i does not own ʻourʻ co-op -- the banks own 78%, co-op members only a 22% equity.

Through debt service payments and dependence on diesel, KIUC funnels $100 million dollars off-island year after year. We must protect our local economy, and keep those dollars on Kaua`i! KIUC acts more like a company than a CO-OP than many members would wish.

 Bylaws should be re-written to reflect genuine self-governance, and a department of professional "Social Engineers" should be hired on staff for KIUC just as competent as the existing Electrical Engineers so we can begin to build a better cooperative.

Finally, it is becoming clear to more and more of us: No matter how many "good ideas" you have, you also need at least 4,000 votes to get into office.

In the last 2 elections only 2,000 sustainable votes were cast. P2P must more than double this to create a mandate for the changes Kaua`i desperately needs to create a sustainable energy future.  

A Potluck, General Meeting on strategies and tactics for community to better engage with KIUC  

Monday, 10th October 2011 from 4:30-7:00pm  

Lydgate Park Pavillion (in Lydgate Park, on the south bank of the Wailua River) Eastside, Kaua`i  

jonathan jay phone: (808) 634-6267 email: jjkauai@gmail.com Visit our new website http://www.p2pkauai.org "Like" our page on FaceBook - "Power to the People Kaua`i" .

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