Hawaiians Occupy Wall Street

SOURCE: Shannon Rudolph (shannonkona@gmail.com) SUBHEAD: Larger than expected turnout on the big Island and Maui supporting Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. By David Corrigan, Baron Sekiya on 3 October 2011 for Big Island Video (http://www.bigislandvideonews.com/2011/10/04/video-hawaii-rallies-behind-occupy-wall-street/) Image above: Still image of demonstration in support of Occupy Wall Street in Hilo, Hawaii from video in original article. Over 4,800 miles from New York City on the Big Island of Hawaii, residents inspired to demonstrate in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement lined roads on either side of the moku.

In the rainy windward city of Hilo, about 80 to 100 folks set up outside the Kilauea Financial Plaza, fronting Merrill Lynch.

Meanwhile, a two hour drive away on the west side of the island, residents of Kona amassed to sign wave in solidarity.

The Wall Street “occupation”, seemingly inspired by the Arab Spring movement, has been ongoing in New York City’s famous global business district. The participants are protesting against social and economic inequality, declaring themselves to be a part of the country’s 99%, a powerless majority when compared to the influence of the wealthiest 1%.

Hawaii is known for its population of rugged individualists and transplants looking to keep a good distance from busy metropolitan culture. Therefore, its not a surprise that an outspoken island bunch would show support in this fashion. What is a bit more surprising were the numbers… with little notice, the events drew crowds at both locations. A sign, perhaps, that this cause has struck an immediate nerve amongst an American population that is as far removed, physically, from Wall Street as possible.

One of the participants in the Hilo demonstration, Jim Albertini, sent out this email a few hours after the event:

Today’s protest in Hilo was truly amazing. I expected perhaps a dozen people would show up from 4-6 PM fronting Merrill Lynch. Instead 80-100 showed up, over half –youth. It says to me that the bleak future brought on by Wall St. greed is the Vietnam draft for today’s generation. I see reason for hope in the growing resistance of today’s youth. It is transforming a generation into activists for justice and peace.

It was a very uplifting day. The spirit was strong from those participating in the protest and those passing by. People made their own signs and came to stand in solidarity with people occupying Wall St. and people around the world saying no to corporate dominance and corporate greed and influence in government. Where the Hilo and other protests will lead is unclear, but the momentum and a movement is building. Let us seek to work together and support one another.

Video above: Hilo demonstration supporting Occupy Wall Street. From Dominick (ninjoid@gmail.com) .

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Anonymous said...

Rift or Shift

Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Hey!...Wall St. your in trouble
With the truth we’ll resonate
And smash your flimsy paltry gates
The meditation of our hearts
Will rip your lies from part to part

We all did this long ago
At the walls of Jericho
We will circle all around
And blow our horns till you fall down
It is we who are this land
And you will meet the earth’s demand

We will know and understand
Realization of this command
A world of haves and have nots
A world of slaves and robots
Where our souls are sold and bought
Is a world that happens…not

We intend to burn your ears
And pierce your soul until you hear
No more psycho warring tyrants
And their bankster lying pirates
No more making dollar bills
From the numbers that you kill

You grey suits that slither by
Don’t you think you catch our eye
You look askance at ground or sky
Your furrowed brows betray your lies
Don’t you know the truth slips in
Illuminates your hidden sins

And your crimes against the people
From sanctimonious perverted steeples
We’ll track you down to where you live
And pound our drums till you give in
And in day… or by stealth
We’ll place - roadblocks - to your wealth

We shall never let it be
That you steal and you walk free
We will change your attitude
Or chomp you up like you were food
We would rather mend the rift
And have you join us in the shift

All the money that you make
You will not accumulate
The only law is circulate
Stars and planets all rotate
One for all and all for one
The only way that Heaven’s won


by Everyone

Arranged by
Kelly Ball
Kapa'a, Kauai

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