Kauai & Niihau Mokupuni

SUBHEAD: After review with Kauai Historical Society we have updated our Kauai & Niihau maps.  

By Juan Wilson on 16 April 2009 for Island Breath-

Jonathan Jay and I met with Randy Wichman, the Executive Director of the Kauai Historical Society on April 6th to review our mapping Kauai and Niihau moku and ahupuaa land divisions. We reviewed some historical cartographic and published information that convinced us make two modifications to Kauai moku boundaries:

Namely one was to include Milolii Ahupuaa in the Mana Moku rather than the Napali Moku; the other was to return Kamalomaloo Ahupuaa to the Puna Moku from the Koolau Moku.

Another adjustment we made was to the boundary between Kalihiwai and Namahana Ahupuaa. A conversation with County Councilperson Jay Furfaro identified Puukumu Stream as being in Namahana Ahupuaa.

This additional land and water would certainly make Namahana more sustainable. The results are available in the images below. The enlarged versions of the map are scaled to print up to a 36"x48" plot (at 96dpi).  

Kauai and Niihau at 24"x 36"

Image above: Moku and Ahupuaa of Kauai dated 4/15/10 Revision 4.2.2 . Click to enlarge.

We also have made changes to Niihau after we reviewed a reproduction of the 1838 Samual P. Kalama map in the book "Early Mapping of Hawaii" by Gary L. Fitzpatrick, 1987.

Although the names of the Ahupuaa for Kauai and Niihau are on the map, they are not legible (the whole map of Hawaii is on a page). The 1838 map (like the 1837 map) clearly distinguishes the boundary between the Kona and Koolau Moku of Niihau running from the top to the bottom of the island.

Image above: Moku and Ahupuaa of Niihau dated 4/15/10 Revision 3.0.0 . Click to enlarge.  

Kauai and Niihau on GoogleEarth Below is a GoogleEarth embedded window with a view of the features of the two islands. Zoom in for a 3D trat. Click anywhere on Kauai or Niihau to reveal the Name, Area, Perimeter, Moku and Mokupuni of any Ahupuaa. Note, the GoogleEarth application and a browser plug-in is needed to view GoogleEarth data from within your browser. 

If you do not have this setup already you will be prompted on how to get and install it. Even better, click on the link below to get a ZIP file for loading Kauai and Niihau Mokupuni into GoogleEarth: (100415Kauai-Niihau-Link.zip)

Once you unzip this file, load it into GoogleEarth by double clicking on it. You can also use the GoogleEarth "Open" command to load the this linking file to retrieve the Kauai-Niihau data. 

All the features of the two islands will be observable and can be set up to reveal or hide any component. It takes about 15 seconds to load the online version of the database to GoogleEarth so be patient. Once open GoogleEarth will zoom directly to Kauai and Niihau. 

  Before closing GoogleEarth remember to save the resulting map to "My Places" and/or to your computer hard drive for later viewing.  

If you master the GoogleEarth editing tools you will be able to create and edit elements of your own and export results that can be shared through email or other means.  

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