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Half-Earth, Half-Baked
Can a lower population on only half the Earth allow for our survival.

Climate Change and our children
How to help my daughter face Climate Change with an open heart.

Land as Insurance - The Black Swan
Resilience or "anti-fragility" requires securing food, energy, water and money

Automation - Whatta bitch!
Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics combine making people superfluous.

Planet Kaauai
Stop living on Planet Kaauai. If you do we'll be able return to Earth from Eaarth.

Climate, Energy, Economy - Pick 2
Investments of time, energy, and money in resilience will become increasingly valuable.

We're are past the point of no return
Atmospheric carbon dioxide increases from humans has passed the point of no return.

Oases on a future Eaarth
It may seem like slow motion, but the unraveling is happening as quick as it can go.

Humans in Hawaii 1,000 Years

Lessons from a thousand years of Hawaiian island sustainability from Sam ‘Ohu Gon.

The One Way Forward

If you’ve driven down a dead end alley shouting “We can’t go back!” isn’t a useful habit.

End of US Market Economy

Why land is still referred to as “real property,” as though others are somehow unreal.

The Dollar & the Deep State

Only senior military and intelligence officers have any realistic grasp of the Deep State.

Crash and Demand Pathways

Non-monetary local economies with as little as 10% of the population could stop growth.

The New Game

We're past the fork in the road. Anything beyond will be made up from local efforts.

Horticultural Traditions

Societies grow great if old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.

The Future is a Foreign Country

A mobile phone signal in Somalian does not equal a sustainable technological economy.

The Next 10 Billion Years 2.0

The shortest-lived civilization lasted for less a century while the longest for 8 millennia.

Imperfect Storms

History councils that we are not facing either Heaven or Hell but a gnarly combination.

The next ten billion years 1.0

Two future scenarios of our own choosing... the bad one and the good one.

True Sustainability Solutions

We use slightly greener approaches that are almost as unsustainable as those replaced.

The Titanic or Noah's Ark

In these times I'd rather be aboard the maiden voyage of Ark than the Titanic.

The Declaration - Derrick Jensen

An update on the truths that we hold to be self-evident in order to sustain life on Earth.

The Hero's Way
Technoptimists, politicians and apocalyptos won't matter as we get down to survival.

Imagination - Derrick Jensen

It's time we acted our age and learn to live at balance point of the great 2nd Law.

Intelligent Living Universe

It's time we acted our age and learn to live at balance point of the great 2nd Law.

Escape from the Zombie Food Court

If it's bright and shiny and new, it must be better. Right? That's the opposite of tropical grunge.

Time to Stop Pretending

Uncivilisation - Stories from the Dark Mountain Festival in May of 2010.

Deep Green Resistance

Any social system based on the use of nonrenewable resources is by definition unsustainable.

All Aboard!

Obama needs to get back to Mother Earth by getting out of his bubble and touching down.

Here the Deal!

There are ways forward while we live through rough times. Those ways are for you to find.

The American Century

The end of Pax Americana will be a good thing for everybody concerned.

Soylent Grain

Besides sweetening cheese dogs & tomato paste, GMO corn is the primary US food crop.