A trashcan of food
When the SHTF and  supermarkets sold out this will get you through the worst.

Making Friends with Microbes

Eva Bakkaeslitt on the importance of fermenting food in a low-tech future.

Top 101 healing herbs and spices

Herbs and spices that can be consumed or used topically for healing.

From Cacao to Chocolate

Drying, husking, roasting, grinding, adding ingredients to cacao to make chocolate. 

Making Hot Sauce

How to make two levels of hot sauce using Hawaiian chili and Habanero peppers.

Seeding the Future

Their own seeds are a defense indigenous people have against big-ag GMO capitalism.

Advantages to decay in food system

Vietnam's low-tech food delivery takes advantage of decay and fermentation.

Regrow from kitchen scraps

Seven food plants that can be regrown from parts of commonly used vegetables.

Hawaii Seafood Guide Update
Updated guide to healthy seafood including Fukushima Daiichi impact.  

Long Term Egg Storage

Techniques for keeping eggs edible for months without refrigeration.

Home Canning Techniques

This is a vintage food storage technique that our ancestors used - but is is safe?

Jalapeno, Cilantro, Carrot Kraut

Fermented carrots, with jalapeƱos and cilantro will give them a heck of a punch.

Medicinal herbs you can grow

These aren't just for cooking— You can use them to treat ailments from asthma to anxiety.

Good, Good, Good, Good Bacteria

Fermented foods are healthy low-energy users – they require no cooking or refrigeration.

Eat Your Veggies!

New research indicates that a plant-based diet is best for the planet and people.

It's when AND what you eat

Eating along with the cycles of the natural world may aid your digestion, sleep and health.

Care of Cast Iron Pans

There's no need for a non-stick pan when you have a well-seasoned cast iron pan.

Making sauerkraut at home

Fermenting is one of the traditional techniques for long storage of perishable foods.

"Sauerkimchi" Recipe

Do you like sauerkraut and kimchi? Here's a halfbreed. Salty, sour, garlicky, hot & spicy.

Kiawe Bean Tea
Kiawe beans not just food for livestock, but can be brewed to make a delicious tea.

Don't Hold the Anchoves

A day or two earlier, I would have looked right past the Spanish mackerel, too.


Sustainability practitioners understand the importance of fermenting when past Peak Oil.

Cassava Chips Life Cycle

Harvesting and growing cassava trees to make baked chips for your own dips.

Chayote - Raw or Cooked

This maintenance free zucchini-like squash grows prolifically on Kauai all year long.

Ten Hearty Ophan Crops

This maintenance free zucchini-like squash grows prolifically on Kauai all year long.

Breadfruit Recipe Experiments
Experiments with breadfruit - with results ranging from appetizer, to staple to dessert.

Making Taro Hashbrowns

Chinese variety dry land taro makes a great substitute for a McDonald's hashbrown.

Peak Macadamia Nut

On the autumnal equinox we have reached Peak Macadamia Nut. How we process them.

Green Papaya Sauerkraut
A use for green papayas as a substitute for cabbage in sauerkraut to top off a hot dog.

Freezing Plantain
Growing, planting, harvesting and processing plantains for the freezer and frying pan.