Calvin Say & Banks against PACE

SUBHEAD: It unanimous. All in favor of PACE in Hawaii, except Speaker Say and the banks.

Image above: Governor Lingle Loingle speaks in Hilo in support of PACE Bill that “...establishes a clean energy bond loan program for renewable energy... on residential and commercial properties”. Still from video link below.

 [IB Publisher's note: The PACE bill was put in legislative purgatory on Earth Day. What a fitting tribute to achieving sustainability in Hawaii.]
Honor Earth Day by resurrecting 'green' bond bill - Star Bulletin ( "...last-minute opposition by the Mortgage Bankers Association of Hawaii, which submitted no testimony in the February and March owners and Hawaii's economy are left waiting."
"Hawaii will never wean itself from its dependence on fossil fuels without the widespread adoption of clean energy solutions..."

Hawaii Legislature Effectively Kills Green Jobs Bill - Sierra Club (
"What a frustrating and perverse decision to make on Earth Day," said Robert D. Harris, Director of the Hawaii Chapter of the Sierra Club. "It's almost like the legislature was deliberately trying to be insulting."

Politics threaten Hawaii Clean Energy loan bill - Big Island Video News (
In video by David Corrigan, Governor Linda Lingle encouraged a Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce business crowd in Hilo to support a final effort to keep a clean energy loan program alive on Wednesday.

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