"The Crash Course" Interview

SUBHEAD: Chris Martenson tidily sums up our economic problems - "Too much debt".  
Image above: Still from video "The Crash Course - Exponential growth Meets Reality". See below.  

Chris Martenson interviewed on 9 April 2010 in Peak Moment TV (http://www.wordpress.peakmoment.tv/conversations/?p=378)  

By Janaia Donaldson on 7 April 2010 
“The next twenty years will be totally unlike the last twenty… We’ll face the greatest economic and physical challenges ever seen by our country, if not humanity.”

So opens Chris Martenson’s much-viewed online Crash Course illuminating the relationship between economy, energy and the environment. Starting with the power of exponential growth, he tidily sums up our economic problems: Too Much Debt. Chris discusses the implications if we continue the status quo, and ways to prepare. He believes that “if we manage the transition elegantly we can actually improve things.” (www.chrismartenson.com).

Listen to Audio. Read Janaia’s blog on taping this show. 
Video above: "The Crash Course - Exponential Growth Meets Reality" on YouTube. From (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpm8J958N18)
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