Some of the Lights on
We should be redefining Energy Security as keeping "Some Lights On".

Distributed nuclear mini-reactors
Compressed air has longer life, technical simplicity, lower maintenance.

Ditch the Batteries
Compressed air has longer life, technical simplicity, lower maintenance.

Tesla and the Laws of Physics

Reality prevents Elon Musk's lies about new e-vehicles performance from being true.

Tesla's test in Puerto Rica

Tesla’s solar vision gets its first big test at replacing centralized fossil fuel power.

Kauai and Tesla are newlyweds

KIUC couldn't do it alone , but with Tesla the corporate takeover will be complete.

Run the Economy on the Weather

Adjusting energy demand to supply would make the switch to renewables realistic.

Renewable Energy Controversy 

The debate is can wind, solar, and hydro fully power the U.S.? Both sides are wrong.

Collapse has arrived

Examining the state of the world and the implications ten years after Peak Oil.

Solar power for Chenobyl

Chinese to build world's largest PV array at site of nuclear meltdown in the Ukraine.

Fossil Fuels for the foreseeable Future

Chevron CEO sees fossil fuel use as indispensable for our future - not Earth's.

The Return of DC Power

PV panels are DC power. It 's efficient to use DC devices where feasible.

Getting off the grid

It means investments in time and money. Also reducing energy consumption.

How sustainable is storing sunligh
Battery storage can make off-grid PV less CO2 intensive than grid electricity.

Renewables - the New Fracking

We each can let go of the absurd extravagances of the industrial age deliberately.

How far we get without flying

A climatologist stopped flying to cut CO2 emissions, and caught a glimpse of the future.

Failing to live off-grid

Darth Vader invites Luke to "Come to the Dark Side". It's hard serving the power.

energy [r]evolution. It can be done!

New report from Greenpeace details path to 100% renewable energy production by 2050.

New Zealand dropping coal by 2018

To reach 90% renewable energy by 2025 New Zealand will drop coal by 2018.

How sustainable is PV power?

Manufacture and storage limit the sustainable growth rate of the solar PV industry.

Nuclear is not alternative energy

Obama's final Clean Power Plan drops support for existing nuclear plants.

Our Renewable Energy Future

What’s needed now is neither fatalism nor utopianism, but a sustainable renewable future.

The Oil Bubble Bursts

We're just coming to grips with that we can't turn the notion of money into real resources.

Go Nuclear or Go Native

Being indigenous isn't really so bad. It's just being in a community in a real world place.

Big Island Solar Research

Henk Rogers’ energy lab on the Big Island is a sophisticated facility for solar research.

Carbon Crash - Solar Dawn

Predictions that the fossil fuel will be obsolete by 2030, might turn out to be conservative.

Golden Era of the 1950s-60s

The 50s and 60s were not normal. They were a one-off period -  an extraordinary anomaly.

Fukushima is not going away

"Fukushima is pretty active, pretty intense and it's out of control" - John Lodge.

Global Warming's unused reservoir

Three numbers that add up to global catastrophe — making it clear who the real enemy is.


Its time to abandon KIUC for a useful Cooperative Utility for the Island of Kauai.

Power from the People

You trap a monkey using a jar, with a large piece of fruit in it, staked to the ground.

The Alternative Energy Matrix

Very few options are both abundant and easy. Solar PV and solar thermal qualify.

Diamonds in the Rough

A series of informative videos about our energy and financial crisis as well as the future.

Chinese say PV to beat coal

Chinese report says solar PV may be cheaper than coal within five years.

Last Trip to the Moon

I saw first moon landing launch in 1969. The last was in 1972. I doubt we'll ever go back.

Bridge to Somewhere

Solar thermoelectric power can produce electricity that a enterprising medieval alchemist could do.

Sail Transport Network

In today's post-peak oil world, millions of people will need sail power, along with pedal power.