WTF KPD? This is ridiculous!

SUBHEAD: Thirteen people arrested for gambling at Salt Pond Beach Park pavilion. Image above: Sunset from the Main Pavilion at Salt Pond Beach Park 12/2/06. Photo by Juan Wilson. [Editor's note: Obviously, IF the KPD has a budget that allows for arresting consenting adults engaging in a pleasant, victimless pastime, THEN they are wonderful candidates for some budget cuts.] By Staff on 9 April 2010 in the Garden Island News - ( Some 13 Kauaians, ages 20 to 82, hailing from Anahola to Kekaha, were arrested last Friday night for the misdemeanor crime of gambling, Kaua‘i Police Department Chief Darryl Perry said in an e-mail.

Ian Ishikawa, 51, of ‘Ele‘ele, was also charged with possession of a gambling device, also a misdemeanor.

All were released after posting $100 bail, according to the KPD’s arrest log.

Officers with the KPD Criminal Investigations Unit, Investigative Services Bureau, Administrative & Technical Bureau and Patrol Services Bureau, led by Perry, responded to citizen complaints about gambling at Salt Pond Beach Park, conducted surveillance and discovered card and dice games were being held in the park’s main pavilion, from early evening to late-night hours, Perry said in the e-mail.

“Based on the gathered intelligence an operation was planned to raid the Salt Pond main pavilion while the gambling was occurring,” and last Friday night the raid occurred, he said.

When the gambling (dice game) began and officers had obtained sufficient evidence, assisting officers responded to conduct the raid and arrests, said Perry.

Officers were able to move up to the main pavilion undetected and announced their presence to the surprise of the people in the pavilion, who were still gambling, he said.

All persons in the pavilion were secured without incident and persons identified during the surveillance as participants to the gambling were arrested, said Perry.

Confiscated was around $5,500 in cash, illegal drugs and miscellaneous gambling devices, he said.

In addition to Ishikawa, arrested and charged with gambling were: Augustine Wenio, 28, of Kalaheo; Marvin Rabago, 56, of ‘Ele‘ele; Ronald Garania, 57, of Kekaha; Joseph Kauahi, 58, of Kekaha; Levi Lancaster, 20, of Koloa; Moria Niau, 54, of ‘Ele‘ele; Gary Ramos, 82, of Koloa; Anthony Pelekane, 45, of Kapa‘a; Vince Morris, 39, of Kalaheo; Cody Lancaster, 31, of Hanapepe; Sandra Kaina, 53, of Kapa‘a; and Tayvian Goodwin, 36, of Anahola.

Additional charges may be forthcoming, Perry said.

Gambling is a crime if it is “conducted or played in or at a hotel, motel, bar, nightclub, cocktail lounge, restaurant, massage parlor, billiard parlor, or any business establishment of any kind, public parks, public buildings, public beaches, school grounds, churches or any other public area,” according to Hawai‘i Revised Statutes.

A person commits the offense of gambling if the person knowingly advances or participates in any gambling activity, according to state law.


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John House said...

Jesus! The pigs even arrested Gary. Next they'll be throwing uncle Louie in jail for loitering! This what happens when you've got too many cops with nothing to do.

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