How To

Rewilding Your Lawn
In the Anthropocene you need to do your part in supporting the living environment.

Convert Freezer to Fridge
Solar power couldn't run the conventional fridge, but converting a bin freezer worked.

The Forthcoming  Freezers
Our ability to refrigerate and freeze food reliably off-grid requires converting to chest units only.

New freezers are up and running
Our two new freezers (one converted to fridge) are running off solar and working as expected.

Building your own internet
Digital justice is putting people online and providing training in Detroit.

Growing Better Bush Beans
Advice for germinating, planting and growing better runner, or snap beans.

Chicken First Aid
Some items you better have on hand to support the health of your chickens.

How to Germinate your Seeds
Understanding of the requirements of successfully germinating from seeds is essential.

Care of Cast Iron Pans
There's no need for a non-stick pan when you have a seasoned cast iron.

The Desert Fridge Project
How to build a pot-in-pot fridge to cool food by 18ºF for extending storage.

Making tools with a forge
Blacksmithing is one of many professions practiced in traditional cultures.

Build a low-tech internet
Research group have developed a much cheaper network technologies.

A Houseboat that sails
Progress report on the design and engineering of the future home of Dmitry Orlov.

Homeless Urban Survival
This is how to survive in a settled urban area if you lose everything, including your home.

The Transforming Castle Truck
Two New Zealanders have created a 3 level road worthy house truck with its own turrets!

How to Cope with Total Failure
Not every attempt at self-reliance ends brilliantly, but each experiment leads somewhere.

Growing fruit in a nuthouse

Designing our orchards for economic collapse and climate-destabilization.

An Alternative for the Westside
Vision of small, family owned, sustainable farms instead of agro-chemical GMO fields.

The Anarchist's Shoes

Years of reading ads convinced me that a highly "technical" shoes enhanced feet. As if!

Skills for a Post-Peak future

Why wait for the power reserves to run dry? Start now and get a jump on the future.

Food Growing Proposal

Proposal for a food growing resource coordination for Kauai.

Rain Water Collection

Why? Less than 1/100th of a percent of Earth's water is drinkable and renewed by rain.

Hugelcultur Beds

How to enrich your garden soil by creating a raised Hugelkultur Bed.

Kauai Bucket Gardening

Keeping your family in food grown in 5-gallon-buckets along the side of your house.

Growing mushrooms on straw

You can grow delicious oyster mushrooms from a plastic bag of straw safely.

Building a Worm Farm

Instructions on building and maintaining a worm farm in your home.

Solar Ovens - Part 1

There are many kinds of solar ovens. Selecting one is determined by your purposes.

Affnan's aqauponics for beginners

A simple plumbing system to begin growing edible plants and fish in your own yard.

The Chinese Wheelbarrow

How to downsize a transport network to a sustainable human scale system.

Hints for Bamboo Building

What can you learn in a tiki bar? Introductory techniques for building with bamboo.

Permaculture Part 1 - Growing Zones
Part 1 of a 6 part series on Permaculture Design Guidelines. Overview of zones.

Permaculture Part 2 - Multiple Functions

Part 2 of a 6 part series on Permaculture. Each element has multiple functions.

Permaculture Part 3 - Relative Location

Part 3 of a 6 part series on Permaculture Design. Saving time and energy with context.

Permaculture Part 4 - Problems & Solutions

Part 4 of a 6 part series on Permaculture Design. Trading disadvantage for advantage.

Permaculture Part 5- Design Diversity
Part 5 of a 6 part series on Permaculture Design. Mix as many differing plants as possible.

Permaculture Part 6 -Use of Space

Part 6 of a 6 part series on Permaculture Design. Stacking plants vertically for strength.