More native shrubs are essential
Shrubs grow much faster than trees for powerful carbon sequestration.

Rewilding Your Lawn

In Anthropocene you need to do your part in supporting the  environment.

Puerto Rican local food revolution

Farmers their envisage agriculture not reliant chemicals and fossil fuels.

Microdosing with LSD

It's a growing phenomena in Silicon Valley. But does it actually work?

Search for words in Indian country

I could not use the English language to describe a tribal-managed forest.

Get off the Grid now!

Advice for survivors - Find a place with soil and a source of water.

Maui Breadfruit Company

This local business was able to get going and help others do the same.

Free Range Children 

Utah just passed a ‘Free-Range Parenting’ law for child self-sufficiency.

Grid Beam is real life Minecraft
It's is a kind of LEGO, or Erector Set, for those wanting to build things.

Dark Age America - Climate
A look 500 years into the likely future climate of North America.

Find a Limit to Ourselves
The only way into the future is to greatly reduction in our numbers.

Permaculture in Hawaii
Permaculture works to keep the birds, insects, soil content and us fed.

Millennials become "De" generation
De-Growth and De-Industrial for a non consumer life and happiness.

Millennials abandoning suburbia
A generation turning away from suburban sprawl homesteading.

Permaculture Cool Lab
Can technology simple as an Easy Bake Oven reverse climate change?

Forging Permaculture Hand Tools
Making garden hand tools in Alberta with recycled material.

Designing a Degrowth Economy

Religion of "Growth" is to justify the expansion of global finance.

Degrowth is Punk as Fuck

We use the term "degrowth" because Goldman Sachs can't co-opt it.

No Degrowth without Climate Justice
For political change degrowth should become more confrontational.

Brace for Impact

It is time to focus on an adaptation to climate change.

Worse than you think

Government won't protect us from danger ahead but be a part of it.

Living through economic collapse

Getting along after economic failure and system collapse.

Resilient Suburbia

More self-sufficient, healthy, productive, and life-affirming.

Equality and Sustainability

Life would improve for the ecosystem if we lived like Cubans.

A solution to Brexit? - Tall Ships

By all that's holy, what's not to love about the end of oil.

A Case for Autonomy
We're not in Kansas anymore - Kansas isn't even Kansas anymore.

The End Game Begins?
Position yourself before the skies darken or be left groping in the dark.

Moderns don't get it!

Modernists don't understand risk of dependence on complex technologies.

Homeless Urban Survival
How to survive in an urban area if you become homeless.

Rebel Architecture

Film series profiling architects using design as activism and resistance.

The Solution Space - Part 1

Cost of capital will be too high for solutions needing it.

The Solution Space - Part 2
Solutions needing large scale cooperation will be operational.

The Solution Space - Part 3
Solutions which depend on intensive energy will unworkable.

The Solution Space - Part 4

Lower consumption will be imposed. Our choice is how face it.

The Solution Space - Part 5
Solutions will be small-scale, low-energy, and community-based.

From Here on Down
Keep your head down, your nose clean and your hands busy to thrive!

Burden of Denial

DOthe existence of iPhones proves that progress is still happening?

Growing Wheat Intolerance

It's been a in our diet for 10,000 years, but people are intolerant to it.

Learning from Icarus
Making our society more resilient may be worse than doing nothing.

Come on Home!
Sixteen wonderful farms that point the way to sustainability.

Grass - Soil - Hope
Response to climate change? Build topsoil; fix creeks; eat organic.

Crash on Demand

A way through the tough times of Peak Oil and Climate Change.

Off-grid handcrafted life

What he builds is not just functional, but aesthetically beautiful.

Reinventing Square Wheels
Monastic life is a success stories in the history of communal living.

Talking about the future
Talk about the likely death of billions without freaking people out.

Learning one farm at a time

Intensification growing - howsome  farmers are advancing agriculture.

Columbian Renaissance

In Colombia ecovillage hippies are coming to be known as 'the people'.

Food, Water, Energy & Shelter
As things come apart you will have to step up provide your basic needs.

Into an Unknown Country

Any response to our time of crisis begins with changes in our own lives.

Sustainable transportation

What will our future settlements look like? You'll have to see on foot.

The Sufficiency Economy
A good way down from population overshoot and resource depletion.

Embracing Radical Simplicity
Radical simplicity is diffeent from poverty - poverty is involuntary.

Larry Ellison - Oracle

Oracle CEO buys Lanai for half a billion. Bill Gates misses the boat.

Embrace the Change

Considering the available alternatives, there really isn't much choice.

Fleeing Vesuvius
How we can bring the world out of the mess in which it finds itself.

Resilience or Death

Preparing our farms for the end of agriculture as we know it.

Toward an Economy of Earth
Taking responsibility for oneself in a community at the edge of empire.

Occupy Earth

Degrading Earth's systems to bolster profit lines is foolish and reckless.

In a van - down by the river

Tell them what you're going to say. Say it. Then tell them what you said.

History is not your therapist

We're in permanent contraction now. There are no techno-solutions.

Defending Agrarian Anarchy
They call it paradise. If you call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye.

Roots to Rise
Some people call it dropping out. I call it appearing in another world.

Embracing Voluntary Poverty
Things we’ve discussed may get put to use by people unafraid poverty.

Life and Love after Collapse
From the wilderness of Idaho here’s what I think the elephant looks like.


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