PMRF target of Peace & Freedom

SUBHEAD: The US is re-directing its attention from the Middle East to the Pacific. That means a target on us.

 By Anonymous on 17 February 2012 for Island Breath - (
Image above: PMRF demonstrator prepares "De-Occupy Hawaiian Lands" sign before event 2/11/2012. The invitation came on February 3rd in the form of an email with the SUBJECT "Stealth".
Please bring your own signs, be as theatrical and outrageous as possible, and bold or colorful lettering, and easy to read. Say what you want, but try to make them relevant to the issue of the Aegis missiles, U.S. Occupation of Hawaiian land, desecration of sacred sites, defense spending, jobs on the westside at any cost, military industrial complex, Jeju Island, toxic dumps on the beach - what ever you think would look great on YouTube to the outside world.

Wear a costume or assume an animated character, or just come as you are. We want to educate and inform folks about Kaua`i and Hawai`i being the laboratory and the logistical hub of Obama and Inouye's Asia/Pacific region endless war spiderweb of launch sites.

As you probably know from the State of the Union speech, the whole focus of the empire is being shifted away from the Middle East, and redirected straight toward us. Kaua`i will be hosting the remote death machines, to rain down on our manufactured enemies, and to conduct warfare in outer space.
The gist was to quietly put together a demonstration at the entrance to the Pacific Missile Range Facility out beyond Kekaha on the westside of Kauai. The demonstration was to be in support anti-war, anti-imperialist, anti-corporate events planned for this weekend.
Image above: Demonstrator gather at PMRF entance gate on 2/11/2012. Note base security SUV and officer.

The demonstration occurred one week before a community conference on the impacts of missile defense on democracy, culture and the environment in the Pacific, Asia, and the World on Oahu and Kauai between February 18th and 21st.  

Event On Kauai
PMRF Missiles Destroy Environment, Democracy, and Cultures Kapaa Library, Tuesday February 21, 2012, at 6:30pm Moderated by Koohan Paik Tuis event is sponsored by the Kauai Alliance for Peace & Social Justice, co-sponsored by the International Forum on Globalization. Contact Ray Catania. Phone 822-7646 or e-mail for more details. See announcement for all events at: (

Image above: Demonstrators include old, young, men women, with backgrounds on the mainland and from Hawaii. .

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