Bills on private use of public land

SUBHEAD: Aberchrombie created Public Land Development Corporation to let private companies develop on public land.  

By Elaine Dunbar on 9 February 2012 in Island Breath - 
 Image above: Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is mega-development at international natural wonder. From (

Please monitor the bills through the links below. You can leave written testimony or comment online regarding these bills when they have scheduled hearings. This one is a good bill. It seeks to ABOLISH the Public Land Development Corporation. House Bill 2156 HB2156 - (Description/wording of bill)

These three bills below are weak. They "state explicitly that the corporation must respect the host culture when making decisions about land development and that it can't sell ceded lands." This isnʻt good enough. We know how that ends up. These 3 bills will also dismantle environmental protection mandates to fast track the development of public lands by PRIVATE CORPORATIONS. Senate Bill 3004 (Description/wording of bill) Senate Bill 2925 (Description/wording of bill) House Bill 2814 (Description/wording of bill) From Civil Beat some backgound - for more (
"The Public Land Development Corporation is a state entity created by the Legislature in 2011 to develop state lands and generate revenues for the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Through creating public-private partnerships, the corporation aims to attract private companies as joint partners in the development of recreational and leisure centers.

The corporation was formed after the Legislature passed Senate Bill 1555, which was signed into law as Act 55 by Gov. Neil Abercrombie on May 20, 2011. The bill passed the Senate by a 23-1 vote, with one senator excused. Les Ihara was the sole senator who voted against the bill. The House passed the bill by a 30-9 margin, with two members excused.
In July 2011, two of the corporation's five board members were appointed. The remaining three are state division heads.
Duane Kurisu, a partner in the real estate investment firm, Kurisu & Fergus, was appointed by House Speaker Calvin Say.
Bobby Bunda, a former state senator, was appointed by Senate President Shan Tsutsui. The board has yet to officially meet or name an executive director."
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Anonymous said...

If you go to the Legislative site regarding these bills it will tell you there are no hearings scheduled for the bills so it is too soon to submit testimony.
Once they reach their committees though, the hearings will be scheduled and TESTIMONY WILL BE ACCEPTED so these bills need to stay on our radar.

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