Bill to end HECO Monopoly

SUBHEAD: HECO should be taken apart. However a single preferred means of alternative energy with statewide rates is unrealistic. By Mr. Ed on 31 January 2012 via email - ( Image above: Traditional Parker Brothers' Monopoly cards. From ( Many of you may have seen By Alan Yonan’s Star Advertiser story, “Breaking Down HECO” in Monday’s paper. An excerpt of the story is here unless you have paid access to the paper on-line:

As the state shifts its focus to renewable energy, a new bill seeks to restructure the utility and make room for competition.

State lawmakers have introduced a host of bills in the new legislative session aimed at keeping pace with Hawaii's rapidly evolving energy sector, including one proposal that would force Hawaiian Electric Co. out of the power generation business and have it focus strictly on delivering electricity to customers.

The bill restructuring HECO (HB 2400) also calls for the utility to set a single electricity rate across the three counties it serves, and prioritizes geothermal as the state's preferred alternative energy source to replace fossil fuels.
The article is all about HB2400, the deregulation bill that will finally end HECO’s stranglehold on our electric rates and our energy future after 100 years in existence, level the playing field, stabilize, and eventually lower electric rates across all islands. The bill is scheduled to be heard on Thursday, 02-02-12 10:00 AM in conference room 325. Other related bills pertaining to geothermal energy, HB2689, HB2690, and HB2691 will be heard at 9 AM. Please note that on-line testimony must be received a full 24 hours prior to the hearing at You must first register by clicking on the Register link in the upper right corner of the page. Registration is simple. It required your name, email address, and a password. You will receive an email message with a link to confirm registration. You can then Sign In at the top right corner of the page by entering your email address and password. Once signed in, just click the orange Submit Testimony button, enter HB2400 in the box, and press the Submit button. Fill in requested information and press Submit Testimony button below the privacy statement. [Editor's note: IB testimony read; Only my finding multiple small scale solutions to alternative energy will we move forward. Depending on unsustainable future financing for large scale solutions is illusionary. HECO is standing in the way of the future.]
By Charlene on 23 January 2012 for - (

Hawaii Resident, Mr. Ed, applauds Representative Denny Coffman of the Big Island who introduced the most important and historic piece of legislation since Hawaii became a state on January 23, 2012. A bill to deregulate Hawaii's electric utility industry, a bill to end Hawaiian Electric's monopolistic stranglehold on our electric rates and our energy future and to stabilize, unify, and ultimately to lower electric rates across the state.

Mr. Ed writes...

The future of your children and grandchildren, and their ability to live a good life in Hawaii instead of being forced to live on the mainland, are at stake.

HB2400 Report Title: Electric Public Utilities; Operations; Rates; Energy Sources

Description: Limits the operations of any electric public utility. Requires acquisition of electricity by a power purchase agreement with an unaffiliated entity. Requires utility to purchase lowest cost non-fossil fuel generated electricity prior to purchasing fossil fuel generated electricity. Requires PUC to establish a statewide electricity rate. Exempts IRC section 501(c) (12) utilities. Prioritizes geothermal as a replacement for fossil fuel. Effective 1/01/15.

The 27 page bill states in part: "Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, no electric utility company shall own or operate both the means of producing electricity and the means of conveying, transmitting, delivering, or furnishing electricity to the public."

Let it be known that HECO is already ramping up its unlimited financial resources to stop this bill dead in its tracks so it can maintain its stranglehold on YOUR escalating electric bills and on Hawaii’s energy future, and to continue to burn oil for another 20 years to maintain its profits at the expense of Hawaii's people and its unique environment.

It is up to each and every electric ratepayer in Hawaii to make sure that Hawaiian Electric fails in its attempt to crush this bill, and that it gets passed by both House and Senate and signed into law by the Governor this year.

The public will have the opportunity to submit testimony by email or in person to support passage of this bill. Additional information will be forthcoming once hearings are scheduled.

Please call you senators and representatives to support this bill.

Please note that the on-line petition against HECO et al. is more about ending the HECO monopoly through deregulation with the help of the Federal Trade Commission than it is about the HECO-Aina Koa Pono biofuel fiasco last year so please reconsider signing the petition here:

The future of your children and grandchildren, and their ability to live a good life in Hawaii instead of being forced to live on the mainland, are at stake.

The petition will remain on-line throughout February for additional signatures, but the petition, along with signatures, HB2400, and a cover letter, will be mailed to the Federal Trade Commission next week. Additional electronic copies will go to other key government agencies in Washington, including the White House.

Take Care, Mr. Ed

P.S. Hawaii Representative Coffman also introduced other bills related to geothermal energy.

2039 - Hawaii State Planning Act;Renewable Energy; Public Land Trust, Geothermal - Amends the Hawaii state planning act to include promoting the development of geothermal energy resources that are located on public trust land as a source of firm power to achieve state energy objectives.

2041 - Electricity; Non-fossil fuel; Geothermal; Power Purchase Agreements - Prohibits exclusivity or curtailment provisions in power purchase agreements between an electric utility and producers of electricity generated from geothermal steam or non-fossil fuel sources.

2043 - PUC - Development of renewable Energy Sources - Requires the PUC to direct electric utilities to place special emphasis on utilizing renewable energy sources when crafting integrated resource plans.

2261 - Environmental Response; Energy; and Food Security Tax - Requires that an unspecified sum be expended each year on researching viable geothermal resource subzone locations


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