Claim for Hawaiian Crown Lands

SOURCE: Laurel Douglass ( SUBHEAD: It is Hawaiians and part-Hawaiians who should have jurisdiction and title over Crown lands in Hawaii. By Rita Kawehi Kanui-Gil on 20 February 2012 to OHA - ( Image above: Detail from pastel drawing of Queen Liliokalani from historic photograph by Wayne Takezono, 1999. From ( Aloha Kakou: LETTER OF INTERVENTION Rita Kawehi Kanui-Gill, Na Aha Maluhia On the 9th of Feb. I attended an OHA meeting at the Waimanalo Halau at 5:30 p.m. to hear the presentation. While at the meeting I listened to what Malia Kaaihue and other Executive members; Bill Meheula and other legal people present give their perception of the matter at hand... Senate Bill 2783...The Kakaʻako Lands and Development Project concepts to gather input from the community...a hearing was set to be heard on the next Monday 13th of Feb. at the Legislature. After listening and reading the hand outs, it became apparent to me that there is no "history" per se laid out in terms of the title on those lands...because, I know that the State of Hawaiʻi does not have any title to lands in Hawaiʻi, so how can OHA "accept" this land without understanding the history and more importantly, who has the title to those lands of Kakaʻako? When time came to open it up for discussion, I was the fifth person to raise my hand and give my input. I explained how many historical documented evidences were kept from our people; such as the KUʻE Petition, Cleveland and Liliuokalani Treaty and now, the "Liliuokalani Red Ribbon Letter" where she took back all the Crown Lands and the Treaty from the US, rendering them without JURISDICTION and TITLE to any lands in Hawaiʻi. Not to mention years of research that reveals when the US occupied our country...she left a trail for us to follow. Apparently OHA was not aware of the Red Ribbon Letter and I asked the "legal executive" group to do their due diligence on this document which was posted on the internet for the world to see, read and grasp the essence of what the Red Ribbon letter means for us today. JURISDICTION: Is still within each Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian to know that all American entities that come after this letter was written would be illegal, and therefore the; State, Counties and Corporations all fall under the Federal Government are just ipso facto (here, but not really?) and all of their courts, office, dept. and associations are illegal because Liliuokalani took back the Treaty and ALL of the Crown Lands. TITLE: Remains in the people; Hawaiians and part-Hawaiians who can trace their ancestors back to the time in history will know because you have to have the, "koko" to have title. While there is at the world court partial complaints filed from the time of 1893 to 1999, that weighed 52 pounds, we are collecting more documented evidences against the present systems from 1999 to the present who are continuing to act belligerently under occupation towards myself and all of the Hawaiians and part-Hawaiians who have jurisdiction and title over our lands in Hawaiʻi...NOT THE STATE OF HAWAIʻI or OHA...IF OHA HAD TITLE, WHY DID THE STATE "GIVE" THEM THE LANDS? HUMMM, Something is terribly wrong with the lack of history presented in the power point presentation and the way Malia Kaaihua gave the presentation using words such as; "Ceded" and "Public Lands" without the true history will confuse our future generations. As the Poʻo for, Na Aha Maluhia NAM, (Councils of Peace) we are a "Not for Profit/for profit" hui of Hawaiians and Part-Hawaiians who are descendants of those who signed the Kuʻe Petition that Liliuokalani speaks to in her Red Ribbon Letter who were there on Feb. 9th to listen and comment. There were at least 4 people who raised questions that agreed to attend the Mondayʻs meeting on Feb. 13, to intervene and claim lands to our ahupuaʻa of Waimanalo, for the Hawaiians and Part-Hawaiians living there...well, we didnʻt have a chance...according to reports a group of people from OHA, Legislature and other groups met over the weekend who followed up on the phone and concocted a plan to "pass" SB 2783, BEFORE the hearing, on Monday. Na Aha Maluhia is based in a subsidiary of; The Hawaiian Kingdom Office of Healing, Education and Economic Development Co., filed in the Bureau of Conveyances since 1998...whose focus is on; inmate issues, homeless issues, waiting list issues and blood quantum issues which pits Hawaiians against Hawaiians...dividing our people. All of these issues have been paid with lip service and continues to pit Hawaiians agains one another. Our job is to bring all of the inmates home, resolve the homeless problems, put our people on their lands and to reverse the blood quantum issues because those are all imposed American laws, that have no bearing on us as a people and our lands which is FRAUD, GENOCIDE etc. all are violations of international law. This LETTER OF INTERVENTION sends a message to all entities that as Hawaiians and Part Hawaiians we believe and, like Liliuokalani claim ALL the CROWN LANDS for our people and all the people of Hawaiʻi as we will fix the irregularities that exists on our lands, through NAM who will raise these issues and take legal action against all of those who planned to pass this bill BEFORE the hearing and so arrogantly let their feelings known like a "shark frenzy" and using "psychological bullying" as a way to put fear into the people who came to testify AGAINST this bill. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs and their supporters in The State of Hawaiʻi have done nothing for us because, even they donʻt have the title to our lands because they are proudly saying they are a state agency...where as in the beginning of OHA they denied even being with the state. Today, it is clear that OHA is a part of the State of Hawaiʻi...who is serving the needs of the state first and not the Hawaiian people to whom they were supposed to serve. Sure some entities who are Hawaiian gets served but an audit is due to see who got served and who did they serve with all of our monies. We pray that this intervention will stop everything in itʻs tracks until TITLE is clearly determined. WHO HAS TITLE? as the first educational question that needs to be share with all the people of Hawaiʻi...that truth, justice and restitution be sought for all the wrongs now being committed since 1999 to the present. This bill SB 2783 must be stopped at all costs because our peopleʻs lives depend on us to do them justice through filing a, Letter of Intervention, on behalf of all the Hawaiians, part Hawaiians and foreigners who live in Hawaiʻi. Someone said, "if they gave you back all the lands, what would you do?" I replied, first set up a government structure, education on the treaty and constitutional rights and door to door needs to find out the state of the people, what they need and everything would stay as it is with regard to the people...the taxes and other upgrades are needed to be done, starting with education of the true Hawaiian history and each oneʻs role while living in Hawaiʻi, then organize a Constitutional Conventions to address these points and reroute the taxes paid by foreignerʻs to be distributed to all of those who are Hawaiian and part Hawaiian. There is more but I will stop here. In closing, we intervene and claim all CROWN LANDS including Kahoʻolawe to Na Aha Maluhia a hui based on Hawaiian Kingdom Laws, not State or Federal Laws...managed and controlled by the Hawaiians and part-Hawaiians who are the only entity who have jurisdiction and title to lands in Hawaiʻi, for All the people of Hawaiʻi. In God We Trust, Rita K. Kanui-Gill .


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, why is it that whenever Henry makes a move/legal action everyone else follows suit?
What you are proposing is already being done. How can you have a constitutional convention when you may not have decided on or created a constitution? Is it only now that some people realize it is a government that is needed and that it was the government that was overthrown?

Why isnʻt it possible for all in this similar mindset for a SOLUTION to register with the Lawful Hawaiian Government? Itʻs there already. The work has been done. It just needs bodies and minds.

Iʻve heard it and still hear it, oh, the Hawaiians can never agree on anything.."
Have Hawaiians become their own worst enemies?

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Aloha, my name is Kawehi Kanui author of this letter...I would like to thank those who put it up on this site that has caused controversy worldwide and now, there are people who want to help us and we welcome the opportunity and challenges that come with this an advocate for over 40 years our call for independence came before many "leaders" "came on the scene" and not new to me that many are called but few are chosen...that is the law of relativity and continues to evolve. As an advocate that Hawaiʻi continue to remain a neutral country, it takes creativity and blessings from above to last this long in a movement that sometimes is seen as a negative when really, it is all about being positive and diplomatic at the same time, the systems present are going in the wrong direction, on purpose. The reason I wrote this piece was due to an international attorneyʻs perspective that I write down what happened to the best of my ability and title it: "Letter of Intervention" claiming all Crown Lands for the Hawaiians, part Hawaiians and everybody else who plans to make Hawaiʻi their home to take care of the irregularities that exists in the high cost of living categories for the people vs. "the system" and how to balance it out while looking at; inmates, houseless, waiting list and blood quantum issues...Waimanalo will be the pilot program of HOW to better serve the Hawaiians and part Hawaiians caught up in the imposition of American laws on Hawaiians...through education and sharing what laws apply to us vs. Americans...yes, Americans have laws, for them while living on Hawaiian soil.
Now what? Itʻs time people do their best in whatever arena you are in until we are united as a people to move forward...not backwards...that is the workings of, Na Aha Maluhia, for only through peaceful transition will we succeed as a people on our own homelands. We are hiring an international attorney and she is due in Hawaiʻi soon, to discuss all the FRAUD that has been committed against us since 1893-Present, but this time we will document the FRAUD committed from 1999 to the present, personally named and given a notice and order to cease and desist from "giving" lands that donʻt belong to the State of Hawaiʻi who has NO TITLE, "to give" and thatʻs the first lesson what did the State give to OHA? Nothing. So why did they call the meeting? To give OHA recognition and to push SB 2783, through their processes BEFORE the hearing of the people, is FRAUD straight up and people like Malia Kaaihue, Bill Meheula, Randall Sakamoto and other "Executive Team" members who are supposed to be doing closer research did not talk about, "the title" to these Kakaʻako Lands which are Crown Lands...cannot be encumbered by the State or OHA because they have no genealogy to the lands and what Liliuokalani was talking about in her, "Red Ribbon Letter" that took away the Jurisdiction and Title to all the Crown Lands that remains in the hands of the Hawaiians and Part Hawaiians...they just donʻt know it...because they have been brain washed to believe that they are Americans, when infact they remain Hawaiian nationals, with the koko "blood" that connects to the tutu who lived back in the Kingdom, exists in their blood today. There is no limits as to what we all can do,individually and together, letʻs leave it in Godʻs hands to decide what hand he wants to play in the game of trumps...called life and living it to the fullest.
With Love and Light I respectfully welcome more support from overseas and sign this letter: Kawehi Kanui, Poʻo Na Aha Maluhia (NAM)from the Ahupuaʻa of Waimanalo.

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