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SOURCE: Mark Jeffers ( SUBHEAD: Responses to KIUC's full page Smart meter ad paid for by members, without their input on its message. By Ray Songtree on 16 February 2012 in distributed email - (to KIUC Board and County Council) Image above: Photo of "Smart Meter Free Zone". From ( In KIUC's full page SmartMeter ad on Feb 15, paid for by we members, without ANY member input into its message, we once again see one sided disinformation. Because millions of people have been subjected to a new invasive technology without informed consent, does not make it worthwhile. Millions received asbestos in their homes and lead in their paint also. Energy conservation can be better had through empowering people with education and choice, not remote control of our appliances and punishing us with tiered rates for using electricity when we come home from work. The WHO quote used is cherry picking. May 31, 2011 – WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer classified RF from cell phones as a 'Possible Human Carcinogen'. The FCC issued warnings on cell phones in 2009. See; ( Because SmartMeters are always on, sending as much as 190,000 transmission per day, ( not 8 as KIUC says, they pose the same threat that cell phones do over time. To produce a MESH network, SmartMeters are on 24/7. There are no health conclusions on electromagnetic fields because there have been no long term studies. WHO acknowledges only laboratory studies, not surveys of symptoms and diseases over many years in the population. Our “science” is based on verification through duplication of results. Insurance companies won't cover a disease that has not been 'duplicated' in lab, but that doesn't mean the disease isn't real. Electrosensitivity is new, not a pathogen, but a response to unnatural RF never seen on planet before. Doctors are seeing RF induced disease after ten years of low level exposure and this is why Parliament of Europe adopted the Bio-Initiative Report ( on wireless precaution, and why the American Academy of Environmental Medicine have called for ban on SmartMeters. See ( “Evidence” is a technical term based on standards made up by industry based on the thermal heating of tissue, not on the metabolic effect on living organism. There are no safety standards that measure disruption of cellular reproduction for example. Without this kind of standard, safety studies as they exist now are simply irrelvant and industry knows this. And KIUC already knows this, as they have read letters to TGI, have studied KauaiTruth.Com, and received emails and oral testimony, but KIUC continues with the disinformation. KIUC is willing to hurt a percentage of the people on Kauai. The CCST statement used in ad can be reversed “ There are no studies proving safety” is also true. The CCST report was based on industry sourced data as revealed by Daniel Hirsch. See ( CCST report is not scientific at all, was not peer reviewed, and therefore, by the criteria of many is worthless. But at least it was honest enough to end with the conclusion that “more studies are needed.” In other words, CCST doesn't know if SmartMeters are safe and neither does KIUC. The FCC quote used in ad repeats the realtity that there have been no conclusive studies. A laboratory cannot quickly reproduce a ten year exposure. Many people get headaches from cell phones, but not one study can reproduce this. KIUC ad is disengenous, misleading, and dangerous, and the employees and management that produced this ad may be criminally liable in future for giving health advice. One of my goals is to save them from this liability. The Environmental Defense Fund is funded by industry and is a double speak name for a rubber stamp tool to make industry look green. In my County Council testimony Feb 8, JoAnn Yukimura was not aware of how foundations are created by industry to look independent, but serve their masters. Here is how EDF describes itself.. "Our organization offers a unique perspective given our proven track record of enabling markets and innovation to gain environmental benefits.” There you have it, the EDF is a PR firm for industry. Their business is selling the brand name called Green. In fact modern technology continues to poison the aina where ever factories exist. See ( KIUC can offer NO security with smart meters because they don't own the software and have no idea what it is capable of. Period. Washington, D.C., August 14, 2011 — Former CIA director James Woolsey;
“They’re constructing a smart grid that will make it easier for you or me to call our homes on our cell phones and turn down our air conditioner on a hot afternoon. But that may well mean that a hacker in Shanghai can do the same thing with his cell phone, or worse. A so-called smart grid that’s as vulnerable as what we’ve got is not smart at all. It’s a really, really stupid grid.”
Opt Out program will not protect anyone from the neighbor's wireless RF effects. Insects and plants won't be protected either. Those in apartments with dozens of meters won't benefit from opting out. A moratorium on rollout is necessary and if KIUC needs to break its contract on using SmartMeters they can do so legally by claiming they were disinformed about health effects. The community will back KIUC and we will have unity and trust. David Bissell, CEO of KIUC makes over $330,000 a year. He is buttressing up his own decisions here, and the entire ad lacks objectivity. Not offering objectivity keeps people dumbed down. Shame on KIUC for this plantation approach to its own ohana. Those wanting a good overview on SmartMeters might want to read this article; ( KIUC could never ever counter it. Read it and know the truth about Smart Meters. We need regime change at KIUC. I especially urge the Filipino community to NOT vote for incumbents running for Board. My daughter is half Filipino. We need new faces at KIUC and a new heart.
Emerging suit against KIUC By Adam Asquith on 16 February 2012 in distributed email - (in response to Ray Songtree email)

I found out the the DOE issued themselves a categorical exemption from the NEPA process for their money for Smartmeters. THis can be challenged but I want to now spend my time filing a class action lawsuit against KIUC for invasion of privacy and other civil rights violations. There was successful lawsuit in Maine that at least forced an opt-out. Please let other members now that I am working on a suit and would welcome multiple claimants.

See also:

Anti Smart Meter Group Seeks Federal Injunction (

In Illinois, members of the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group gathered at the city of Naperville's Municipal Center Friday afternoon to announce that the group has filed for injunctive relief in federal court.

The group and its attorney Doug Ibendahl were on hand to answer questions from a group comprised mostly of supporters of the organization. Members of the group explained the reason for the court filing and also stated that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is also investigating the city of Naperville for open meeting violations, among other violations.

Members of the audience were allowed to ask questions, many of which were centered around whether the group had approached the city and shared its concerns. Some also asked what they might do to keep the new meters from being installed at their homes.

The city of Naperville, according to its information, has stated that the smart meter installation will begin the first week in January.

Ibendahl said he was not certain how quickly the federal court would take to hear the complaint, but said that the group didn't seek a temporary restraining order because the members of the group are reasonable people and they hoped that the city would "do the right thing."

The group has sought to have a question placed on the ballot in March, which would ask voters: Shall the city of Naperville immediately and permanently stop the implementation of the $22 million smart meter project and dismantle all related equipment?” Earlier this week, the group learned that a resident had filed an objection to the question and a hearing is scheduled for next week.

One member of the audience asked if the group had filed the complaint in federal court as retribution for the objection filed earlier this week. The members said said that was not the reason.

Ibendahl said that the members felt they had exhausted all of their options after attempting to talk with the city and felt that filing in federal court was their last resort.

The city of Naperville issued a news release about 15 minutes prior to the group's news conference. In it the city said that the opposition will not stop the city from moving forward with the smart meter installations.

“We are confident that the case will ultimately be dismissed by the court system,” City Attorney Margo Ely said in the release. “The Smart Meter Awareness Group has pursued their opposition to the city’s project in multiple forums, including frequent appearances at City Council meetings, numerous FOIA requests, appeals to the Attorney General and now a federal lawsuit. The lawsuit raises no new issues from the opposition. It simply has no merit.”

For more information on the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group visit its website at To learn more from the city of Naperville on the Naperville Smart Grid Initiative, visit

Video above: announcement by Naperville Smart Meter Awareness. From ( .

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