Hope for Moloaa Stream

SUBHEAD: Moloaa farmers may get the water that flows through their ahupuaa. By Hope Kallie on 24 June 2009 in Island Breath -
(http://islandbreath.blogspot.com/2009/06/hope-for-moloaa-stream.html) Image above: View of lower Moloaa Stream off Moloaa Road. From http://www.hawaiiinformation.com/Public/SpecificListing.asp?Office=6211&HID=2&MLS=203668&BKG= At today's Kauai County Council was Andy Hood, of Sustainable Resources Group International Inc. (SRGII). They are the consultant for the Kilauea Irrigation Company (KICO) study on Moloaa. Andy said that he has been in conversations with the Mary Lucas Trust (James Pfleuger Trustee), and they have agreed to return the stolen Kalua`a/Moloa`a ditch water to the streams of origin. And remove the diversion. I'm kinda in shock and dis-belief. It hasn't happened yet. They have admitted it is their kuleana not KICO's and that they control where the stolen water goes. I don't think it's time to celebrate yet. It is a small step forward. [Note from Brad Parsons (mauibrad@hotmail.com): I received the following today along with a copy of the comments on the draft that I submitted. You have probably read through the final draft, I only scanned it; did they add any substantive changes to the final draft, esp. with regard to the illegal diversion?] EMAIL: From: mroberts@srgii.com To: ahood@srgii.com Subject: Kilauea Irrigation Water Engineering Design and Monitoring Study Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 Aloha, It has come to my attention that the link sent earlier may not work correctly. The link below should function properly. Thank you for your interest in the Kilauea Irrigation Water Engineering Design and Monitoring Study produced by Sustainable Resources Group Intn'l, Inc. We would like to let you know that the final report can be downloaded from the following link: http://srgii.com/projects/KilaueaIrrigationWaterEngineering_Final_June09.pdf Please note that the file is 8.3MB, so it make take a while to download over slower connections. Best, Michelle Michelle Roberts Sustainable Resources Group Intn'l, Inc. 808.772.1836 (direct) 808.356.0552 (ph/fx) www.srgii.com seel also: Island Breath: Ka Loko - Hub of the Water Wheel 6/5/09 Island Breath: Moloaa Stream Forensics 5/22/09 Island Breath: Moloaa Stream must be restored 5/15/09

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