Another Change Ahead

SUBHEAD: A transfer to another server for our website may create a temporary dropout in our service. By Juan Wilson on 16 June 2009 in Island Breath - ( Image above: The first masthead from used in January 2004. The view is from Puolo Point near Salt Pond in Hanapepe Kauai lookingwest. THE SOLUTION: On July 7th our website hosting will be modified and hopefully simplified. There may be a few bumbs along the way. There is likely to be at least a short time in the days before then that the URL will not get you where you want to go. You will be able to find new articles (posted after December 2008) at You will be able to find older material (posted prior to December 2008) in the archives of THE PROBLEM: The supporting structure of our website is more complicated than we would like. It's domain name is handled by one company that forwards any hit on to another company's server that hosts the original format for Island Breath. To add to the complication, since the end of last year we have been using Google's blogger technology to simplify contributions by a larger editorial staff. The blogger posts are nested in the old Island Breath HTML frame format at This means that someone entering the URL passes through three servers owned by three different companies to arrive at our current website. Our plan is to move all material to our domain name server and try and repair and rebuild what is necessary to keep the new material and our archived articles intact. This includes "The Gobbler" material that has material from our former mainland website and its precursor printed newsletter going back to 1993. AN INVITATION: We use to monitor traffic to our site. We have noticed that since employing the Google blogger technology last December that there has been no increase in site traffic. In fact by some measures we may have lost readers. This may be because of a shift in our content towards economic issues or the cooling off of some hot issues like the Superferry fiasco that drew lots of readers. It may also have been the inconvenience and trouble getting through the change in the site architecture. We hope that we don't lose you as a reader as we pass through this next change. In any case, we hope to stay relevant as we go forward. That means continuing to receive a variety of editorial material from our readers. There are about a dozen regular contributors that email us links, original material and forwarded material for our use. Please continue, but be mindful, if you send us material, for it to be published, it must include the source of the content. We are able to read, evaluate, illustrate and post, on average, about two to three articles a day. As a result, not everything that we would like to put on the site gets published. If you want to be a regular supporter of our site you are more likely to get published if you become an editor. To learn more about having editorial privilege, please email Thanks ahead of time for bearing with us as we shift gears again.

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