King Kaipo

SUBHEAD: Kaipo and Kauai's dark underworld. By Brad Parsons on 4 June 2009 in Aloha Analytics image above: "King Kaipo" collage by Juan Wilson from official portrait Regarding the Garden Island News article, "‘Following the rules’" and ONE Council member's 'iron fisted' attempts to control ALL Kaua'i County Council proceedings, this is outrageous and should be the single biggest issue on the island right now. Nothing can be right if there is not open discussion and decision making. This should be Civics 101 to any reasonable, sound of mind person still having all of their mental faculties. What is Kaipo Asing afraid of? The Council Members ARE ALL EQUAL. They should each be able to get their issues on the agenda and put them to a vote. Does Mr. Asing presume that he knows everything and that there is no benefit to discussion, information presentation, and debate? Anything reasonable should be let on the agenda. Let the merits of the ideas be voted on up or down. WHAT is Mr. Asing afraid of? See also: Island Breath: More than following the rules 6/4/09 ‘Following the rules’ The Garden Island, 6/4/09 Bynum and Kawahara Rebuke Asing, Nakamura in Scathing Dual Essays... Got Windmills? blog, 6/4/09 Bynum and Kawahara's new website on transparent government for Kaua'i

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