Apollo Kauai Meeting

SOURCE: Elli Ward (sayjaz3@hotmail.com)
SUBHEAD: Meeting Thursday June 25 at Lihue Civic Center.
Image above: Stirling Solar-Thermal Generators in southwestern United States could work in Hawaii. From(http://www.sprol.com/2005/10/stirlingsandia)
Apollo Kauai Meeting. Representative Mina Morita, Chair of the Energy and Environmental Committee, will be informing us about relevant legislative actions. " We finally have the will to acheive energy independence" says Morita.
John Harder, Chair of Zero Waste Kauai, will share his ideas on Waste To Energy. You will be able to share input to Sentech's blog: The Basics of Waste to Energy on Kauai (http://kauaienergysustainabilityplan.blogspot.com/2009/06/basics-of-waste-to-energy-on-kauai.html) We will also be discussing updates on the Waste to Energy Plan. Be a part of our energy future! Eat Local--Bring your own bowl and sticks to try this month's recipe: Green Papaya Salad.
Your presence and input will be greatly appreciated. Please spread the word to friends, co-members, and people interested in seeking environmentally responsible solutions to our unsustainable practices.
Lihue Civic Center (County Office Building), Moikeha Rm.
Thursday, June 26th at 6:00pm

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