Another Half a Year passes

SUBHEAD: Same old Wake-up time. If you can't smell the smoke yet... take another deep sniff.

By Juan Wilson -

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We trust you have buckled down and are anticipating that time when the gas stations and supermarkets are empty. Trust me... that time has just over an upcoming horizon. 

If you are not collecting rainwater, don't have a water well,  are not growing much of your own veggies and don't have a chicken coop (for eggs & meat) then you could get into some serious trouble when the farmers who use "supply ships" to stock Hawaii and can sell their all their crops without paying for the long Trans-Pacific shipping.

Despite how many "climate change observers" are in denial, it is obvious to me that the whole system of climate stability the expected results, will fall by the wayside.

If you have not lately  taken a look at climate warming, and the crucial environmental conditions necessary to allow the human population to quadruple in the last half century;  then as Mr. T (born Laurence Tureaud, May 21, 1952) said:

         "I pity the fool!" 

Here in Hawaii we have not yet seen catastrophically high temperatures or failures of rainfall in the crucial food growing areas that re experiencing environmental collapse... but it is a real possibility. Here on Kauai we have had an unusual low lying  ring cumulus clouds 360 degrees around our horizon with otherwise sunny skies.

It rained less than normal last winter. And  there is no reason to think it will be otherwise this coming winter. As the Pacific Ocean warms the clouds over Hawaii they will rise to higher altitude... meaning the rain clouds will be a little higher in altitude and miss supplying the water to all 5 of the of the only rivers in the state of Hawaii.

Much of Hawaii has been blessed for a long line with gentle climes. That is about to change, whether we like it or not... even if we are avid gardeners and living off the "grid" with our own water well powered by photovoltaic solar panels... the clouds will cease and the water table will drop.

When the shit hits the fan you will want to be in the greenest, wettest, sunniest place you can find inhabited by friendly like minded people. 

I hope you are there now. It takes a while to get it right, and there is not a lot of time left for Costco Walmart and Home Depot.

I am going to try and get back on a regular schedule of posting. The biggest hang-ups are difficulties getting the illustrations the way I want them it is much harder than it used to be... I know... picky... but that's important to me...


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