Republicans meet in Hawaii

SOURCE: Linda Harmon ( SUBHEAD: Republican National Committee chooses Waikiki for convention after dissing Obama for be out of touch, elitist and foreign for being from Hawaii. Image above: Daily Show correspondent John Oliver meets Republicans who traveled to Hawaii to reinforce their message of fiscal responsibility 2/9/10. Comment on Daily Show 11 February 2010 coverage of RNC - ( "John Oliver just gets funnier, more interesting and remains the consistent stand out on this show! He really is the master of these field pieces. If anyone hasn't seen the one where he visited a small town in Ohio well after the politicians had courted the town in the 2004 presidential race, look it up. It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Thank you John Oliver for getting out there and exposing these hypocrites. Please stay in America we obviously need you!"
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RNC Meeting in Hawaii
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Video above: Daily Show excerpt from 9 February 2010 with Lohn Oliver. .


Mauibrad said...

That's funny!

Unknown said...

The video doesn't show it but Hawaians have the highest health insurance coverage in the country.

What are some of Hawaii’s secrets? One of the state’s biggest assets is the fact that the Public Health funding is the best in the country. With almost $200 per capita, Hawaii residents have great Health options and with one of the country’s highest percentage of residents with Health Insurance Coverage, Health is not only Available, but extremely accessible.

Watch the Daily Show on the comedy channel, its great.

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