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SUBHEAD: The ten essential renewable energy stories this week.

By Nathanael Baker on 5 February 2010 in EnergyBoom - 

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Big winds were blowing, fast wheels were spinning, and good grades were flowing for renewable energy this week.

Early in the week it was announced that global wind power increased 31% in 2009. Although this growth was spurred by the European Union, United States and China, it was not limited to the industrial giants. Turkey, Chile, and Morocco each increased their capacity by at least 30%.

The transportation sector had some hot news with Ferrari's hybrid announcement, and electric bikes showed they are an exponentially growing market that is worth US$11 Billion worldwide.
Other renewable sectors had eye-catching news as well, and that is why we have developed this article--so you don't have to miss any of it. So, without further ado...

Here are this week's 10 Hottest Renewable Energy Stories You May Have Missed:
1. Caterpillar Delivers First Hybrid Bulldozer - The Cat D7E is Caterpillar's first hybrid bulldozer. This beast is more powerful that traditional bulldozers and also 10%-30% more efficient.

2. Wind Power Up A Whopping 31% Worldwide in 2009 - By adding 37.5 GW of new capacity in 2009, the global wind industry pushed its net worth to an estimated US$63 billion. One notable, yet unsurprising fact--China installed the most wind capacity of any country last year.

3. Ferrari Will Unveila Hybrid Model: Crazy Fuel Economy, Crazy Power, Crazy Thought - At the Geneva Auto Show in March you will be able to feast your eyes on Ferrari's first attempt at a hybrid vehicle--a lithium-ion battery powered 599 GTB Fiorano. The car has the same pop, 0-65 MPH in less than 4 seconds, but gets nearly twice as many miles to the gallon.

4. Ted Turner and Southern Company Announce Alliance for Renewable Energy Ventures - Ted Turner and Southern Company have joined forces in an effort to get in on the renewable energy bubble. The partnership's first focus: developing solar photovoltaic power in America's southwest.

5. 55 Countries Pledge Their Copenhagen Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets - The Copenhagen climate conference has been deemed a failure by many. However, that has not stopped UN member states from following through on their commitments to the Copenhagen Accord, and submitting their national greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. Hope for a global deal to cut emissions remains.

6. European Union Beats Expectations, Grows Wind Power Capacity in 2009 - A new report from the European Wind Energy Association shows that the EU installed more wind power than any other source of energy last year. 39% of all new capacity installed in 2009 was wind power followed by gas (26%) and solar photovoltaics (16%).

7. Global Investments Brighten Outlook for Geothermal Energy - It looks as though 2009 was just the beginning of a sweet era for geothermal energy. Investments in geothermal grew more than any other sector last year, and it looks like the investments will continue to rise as President Obama has proposed to increase funding for geothermal energy 25% in 2011.

8. In-House Live Extraction for Algae: Turning the Corner on Biofuels - OriginOil has developed a breakthrough technology that will allow businesses and institutions to convert their carbon dioxide emissions to algae-based biofuel on their own premises.

9. Eight Teams Move on to Semi-Finals in Clean Energy Prize Competition - Colleges and Universities throughout Michigan are competing to develop business plans that promise to move their new, renewable energy technology from the laboratory to the market place. Out of 32 teams, eight remain in competition for the US$100,000 prize money.

10. Look Out: Electric Bikes Are an $11 Billion Industry - From geek to chique, electric bikes have gone from a fringe method of transportation to one of the largest growing markets in the world. China is the prime example: in less than 20 years, electric bikes have grown in number from a few thousand to 120 million.

Well, there we go, you are caught up...sort of. There have been numerous articles on EnergyBoom that did not make the cut, but are nonetheless fascinating reads. You can find them by browsing any of our technology channels or our Finance section.

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