Push 'em Back, Shove 'em Back Way Back!

SUBHEAD: Keep Pushing - Together we will get the bikepath 100% OFF of Wailua Beach. Call the Mayor - thank him and let him know you care: 241-4900. Image above: Hit 'em again, Hit 'em again - Harder Harder! By Jonathan Jay on 26 February 2010 - Last night at the Mayor's meeting in Kilauea, I spoke directly to Bernard about the issue of the path along Wailua still being half-way on the beach - and he really seemed to listen. I thanked him for the work he has done so far in responding to the community's concerns about the alignment of the path, and encouraged him to press more firmly to get the DOT to shift the highway a few more feet mauka - so building onto what is still existing beach can be avoided. He looked me in the eye - and said he would try. Now is the critical time - Add your voice. While a makai path alongside the highway was not everyone's most preferred path placement, keeping all new construction OFF the sand is something we can all agree on. Please now call the mayor's office and offer him your support to keep the beach clear from further encroachment by construction: 241-4900. There is enough room. Between the mauka edge of the highway, and the fence to Coco Palms, there is roughly 30'. This is plenty enough room to shift the road inland to easily accommodate a new lane, a safety barrier, and a pedestrian/bicyle pathway. As things stand right now with the 1/2way compromise, the DOT is not budging. The path has been shrunk to only 8'-0" in width - down from the design standard of 12'-0". All because the DOT is refusing to shift the roadbed. We can do better - the full path width can be restored, and all the construction can take place mauka of the existing stone wall. Push em back - Push em back - Way Back! Maybe is it is a silly metaphor, but as a former football player (and a lineman!), I'll bet Mayor Bernard understands the importance of holding the line. Perhaps it is true that - alone - even a big man like Bernard can not push back the DOT by himself, but that is where "together" comes in. If you can - suit up and get into the scrum! If that is not your cup of tea, you can still play a valuable role as a strong cheering section. Do something! Since the Mayor is just about to announce his plans for re-election, please call him and make sure he understands how important it is to you that together we protect the sands of `Alio from further encroachment. Together we can - and together we will. Call Mayor Bernard's office: 241-4900 .

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