Job Creators

SOURCE: Katie Gelfling ( SUBHEAD: You know that TED talk you weren't supposed to see? Here it is. By Adam Mordecai on 17 May 2012 for UpWorthy - ( [Source note: I know most of your articles are text-based, but this TED talk on job creation for the middle class and the myth of the rich as job creators is very well done. He is still under the assumption that ever-increasing consumerism is the answer to economic growth, and that economic growth is a good thing. However I think we can agree that folks need to have jobs, that more small "middle class" created companies are better than large multinational ones, and that middle class folks should purchase the goods that they need from companies they wish to support (and can only do that if they have means.) Mostly the benefit of the talk is to counter the crazy argument we keep hearing that the rich are somehow the cause of jobs and need to get special treatment because of it.] Image above: Still frame from opening of video below. Nick Hanauer, self-described "super-rich" entrepreneur, gave a pretty compelling TED Talk about how the middle class—not the super-rich—are the real job creators. But TED, which has released over 100 different political videos in the past, thought this one was too partisan and chose not to release it. We didn't notice any flaming partisanship in it. We normally love TED, and were surprised they didn't think this talk was TEDworthy. Under pressure from the Internets, TED finally relented and released the video. Watch it and decide for yourself if it's really all that controversial to say that the "super-rich are not job creators." Then share it like crazy. Video above: Nick Hanauer gives TED talk on income inequality and job creators. From ( .

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