KIUC creates fear and confusion

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Image above: A "Dumb" digital meter used until now by KIUC. It is manufactured by Itron, and is not a smart meter. It is known as a drive by meter, because the reader drives by them with a monitor to download the reading. If you have one of these, you don't have a Smart Meter. From original article.

Now that KIUC has begun the rollout of smart meters, there has been a lot of fear and confusion.

Did they install a smart meter on my house while I was out? How can I tell?

I did send in my KIUC deferral form, but I heard that other people who did the same were not on the installer’s deferral list, and luckily for them, they were home at the time the installer came.

Am I really on the KIUC deferral list?
There is currently a 50 /50 or so mix of Analog and Digital meters. The reliable and safe analog meter has spinning metal wheels and rotating number dials. If you have digital meter like the Itron pictured above, you do not have a Digital Smart Meter,

The Digital Smart Meter looks like this:

Image above: A "Smart" Focus meter now being installed by KIUC. It is manufactured by Landis & Gyr. This meter is one already on Kauai. From original article.

This is a photo of an actual smart meter here on Kauai. It now has all of the KIUC markings. Notice the distinct design and triangle shape (antenna) on the right side of the LED readout.

The Landis & Gyr Focus smart meter comes in several models, the Focus KWh model that is pictured above is equipped with a remote disconnect switch.

Though the Itron and Focus look similar, the triangular Antenna on the Focus gives it away as a transmitting smart meter.

If your meter has the Landis & Gyr name on it, along with the Focus model name, know that you have a smart meter installed.

So I have a smart meter installed, and I did not want one, what can I do?

Contact KIUC immediately by registered mail and email. State the circumstances that apply to your situation, i.e. deferral notice details, other notification details, whether you had prior notification of an installer coming, etc.

Ask that the smart meter be immediately removed and replaced with a safe and accurate analog meter. Let KIUC know in no uncertain terms that you did not consent to any installation nor give up your rights as a property owner and coop member / customer.

If you do not get a quick and relevant response, your next step would be to consider having your meter replaced with an analog meter. It is best to talk to an electrician first, and not do it yourself. I will be looking into the matter with more info soon.

Analog Meters can be found here: (for more details see

The Real Goods store, located in Northern California, has analog meters for sale, at a reasonable $49 each ($7.95 shipping). You can contact them at (707) 472-2407.

Here’s another source for analog meters: provides a complete kit. analog meters only, no kit.

I highly recommend that only tested and re-certified analog meters be considered, as you do not wish to get hit with a tampering violation by KIUC.

Is having your own electric meter changed a crime? Is it “tampering” as KIUC has told people? Basically, no, it does not constitute “tampering”, i.e. “a misdemeanor crime which requires the specific intent to get the utility service for a lower cost.” Read more at

The stance that KIUC has taken in this respect has been to threaten the customer that replaces the smart meter with immediate disconnect. All that I can say in this matter is that those who have taken this step in California have been threatened with disconnect, but no further action has been taken.

If KIUC thinks that turning the power off to anyone who replaces an installed smart meter is a legitimate response, with all that the Officers and Board have said on our freedom to choose, that act alone would forever mark them as tyrants holding Kauai’s citizens hostage.

Mr. Bissell has promised the people of Kauai that anyone not wanting a smart meter did not have to get one. And yet, I have numerous businesses and friends that were surprised to find a smart meter installed on their homes or place of business.

And as to the question “Am I really on the deferral list?”, no one at KIUC seems to have a definitive answer to that one.

The battle for the safety and protection of Kauai, its irreplaceable treasures in our Keiki and Kupuna, has now moved into our neighborhoods.


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Anonymous said...

That C1SR "Dumb" meter may not be so "Dumb": CENTRON®
Radio Frequency Personality Module
Allows kilowatt-hours and tamper data
to be reported through RF transmissions.
Messages can be retrieved using either a
mobile receiver or handheld off-site
reading device.
» One-way, unlicensed RF device uses the
Itron standard protocol
» Operates in the unlicensed
902-948 MHz frequency range using
spread spectrum technology
» Energy RF transmissions contains unit ID
number, unit type, energy usage, tamper
status and cyclic redundancy check
(CRC) to ensure message integrity
» Patented tamper detection features

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