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SOURCE: Ken Taylor ( SUBHEAD: Who protects us from corporate greed trampling our rights, health, and security in our own homes?  

By Mark Naea on 4 May 2012 in Island Breath -  

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What do 56 local governments and almost four million people have in common? It’s not what you think, and crosses all boundaries, classes and categories.
Give up? They all oppose and reject the installation of smart meters, for health reasons, safety reasons, privacy reasons, and financial reasons. But it also goes to the fundamental right to exercise ones freedom of choice.
This polarization is now being experienced here on the sleepy little island of Kauai. With less than 35,000 accounts, KIUC has arbitrarily decided what’s best for our coop and residents.
With little or no input from residents, ignoring the mountain of adverse health studies, safety and security issues, as well as five years of data that shows no financial savings, KIUC has lied to and bullied our Ohana, our County Council, our Mayor and the PUC.
With promises of a better future, they have gotten the blessings of the PUC. But not one of those promises has any foundation in reality. KIUC uses words like “it can” and “we could see” and “could use less” and my personal favorite, “you could save money and save the environment”.
But when KIUC is asked for any factual data, all of a sudden they don’t want to talk about it. “Could, can, might”; see in the future, are the terms that KIUC has bandied around as if this is an actual reality.
It’s like being in a casino, the way that KIUC has bet $11 million of our money on a future outcome with no real world winners to showcase. This is not betting, this is closer to money laundering of an unbelievable scale for a tiny little island like Kauai.
Where are the checks and balances that our forefathers gave their lives for, what our parents and grandparents fought two world wars for? Who protects us from corporate greed that tramples our rights, our health, and security in our own homes?
From our Mayor to the County Council, to our state representatives and state senator, the silence has been deafening. And the only response from the few that have taken the time to respond is to pass responsibility to the PUC.
Since when has the PUC taken over the responsibilities of Kauai’s elected government and the state’s Health Department? How long has the PUC had the power to authorize wire-tapping and surveillance device installation without a court order? By what Hawaii constitutional decree or law does the PUC exercise these powers?
It is disconcerting to see such rampant abuse being forced upon the people of Kauai. Are our duly elected officials not given the power of oversight, to protect the public from corporate greed or departmental apathy? Who do I need to contact to get a straight answer? Who will stand up and protect our Keiki, our Kupuna, our families and health?
In the spirit of Ho’oponopono, who will do us justice, not just for Kauai’s Ohana , but for the Aina of Kauai that speaks out against this injustice?
I for one have stood up, and others have as well. But when will our elected government take their place among us, and be counted?
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Gelfling said...

It seems like the only way to fight back against corporations is to stop giving them your money. =/ My hope is to save up for solar panels and reduce power use. But wouldn't it be great if you could buy power from your neighbor who has solar panels? I bet at around half the price of what KIUC charges both the selling and buying neighbors would be happy!

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