Hawaii Legislature Subterfuge

SUBHEAD: Secret amendment to Abercrombie's Public Land Development Corp bill to avoid regulation of development.  

By Larry Geller on 1 May 2012 for Disappeared News -  

 Image above: Governor Neil Abercrombie (L) signs SB698 as Senator Donavan Dela Cruz (R), Chair of the Committee on Water, Land, and Housing watches. From (http://www.hawaiisenatemajority.com/category/transportation/page/2/).
Do you think that the Hawaii State Legislature is a democratic institution? This video may convince you otherwise.

What you’ll be seeing is secret law being passed. The Senate Water, Land & Housing Committee Chair slides a proposed amendment into HB2398 that no one has seen. And the result has stolen away the people’s power.

The bill creates a Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC) that is exempt from all permitting and zoning requirements. It gives the Governor power to transfer land to the PLDC with no public input.

It’s so bad, of course they had to do it in secret.

Check out this video. Click the little thingy at the lower right for full screen.

And there is still the requirement of the state constitution that a bill must be heard three times in each house. One day, some public-spirited attorney might challenge this, and if successful, potentially wipe out a whole bunch of state laws.

Video above: From (http://youtu.be/yAjTF4rmWQs).


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