Mana March Reflection

SUBHEAD: It was a beautiful day for a stroll, and Kauai turned out in numbers for the Mana March to the County Building.

By Juan Wilson on 8 September 2013 for Island Breath -

Image above: The Mana March leaves Vidinha Stadium up Rice Street heading to the Historic County Building. Source Shannon Rudolph.

It was a beautiful day for a stroll, and Kauai turned out in numbers for the Mana March "To protect what we Love" and in support of Bill 2491. This was the biggest demonstration on Kauai we know of. It certainly surpassed the anti Iraq War demo named 'Caravan for Peace' in 2003 that brought a a large crowd in front of Waipioli Shopping Plaza from everywhere on the island.

Image above: Still from video belowas KPD cruiser leads Mana March to its destinatiob at the Historic County Building.
Source Shannon Rudolph.

As you can see, thousands turned up for this demonstration of support for Bill 2491 that would begin to regulate the application of restricted use pesticides by chemical companies and their experimental open field testing of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Video above: KPD cruiser leads Mana March up Rice Street from Vidinha Stadium to the Historic County Building. 17 minutes. By Joel Guy, Hanalei Grass Shack Productions. From ( See also ( for additional of video event at County Building.

When the crowd assembled in front of the Kauai Couty Office Building it was a few thousand strong. Someone estimate three thousand.

Image above: Rally at Historic Kauai County Building after Mana March. Poeple relax on lawn in shade of monkeypod trees after march from Vidinha Stadium. Photo by Juan Wilson.

This crowd had many families with young children. The kids played in a trusting group atmosphere. Food was prepared. Plenty of rice-bean-corn-carrot tomales; trays with chunks of cooked taro, and young coconuts filled with milk. All for free by sponsor groups to make it through the long day.

Image above: People rise for speaker in front  Historic Kauai County Building. Photo by Juan Wilson.

The only demonstration I've seen in a comparable situation on Kauai was the group that assembled on September 22nd 2007 at this spot before confronting Governor Linda Lingle to have an EIS before letting the Superferry come to Kauai. JoAnn led that demonstration and Lingle failed to intimidate us.

That group assembled, when it arrived at the Peace and Justice Convention Hall was over 1,100 people. See photo at bottom of post to see that crowd.

Image above: Makana performs set with three special songs about GMOs on Kauai. Photo by Juan Wilson.

Makana has redefined music and his persona since the Occupy movement. His November 13th, 2011 performance at a dinner gala hosted by President Oabama, in Honolulu, for the leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (APEC).

That performance left a few world leaders slack-jawed. Since then he has turned his focus on the GMO issue. See (

Today he sang three original songs against GMOs and the companies who create them. The crowd was enthusiastic.

Image above: County Councilman Tim Bynum, co-sponsor of Bill 2491 addresses crowd. Photo by Juan Wilson.

Three Kauai county council members were on hand to speak to the crowd about Bill 2491 that would regulate GMO operations and the application of (RUPs. Tim Bynum, a co-sponsor of the bill, spoke first. He seemed a bit nervous with the crown but spoke the most eloquently on the issue.

Image above: Crowd responds to first Tim Bynam and the Gary Hooser. Photo by Juan Wilson.

The crowd was quite thick by this time. They received the speakers well. The crowd was well cared for by the organizers; HawaiiSeed, GMO Free Kauai, Ohana Kauai, Da Hui Hawaii, Mana Ai, Makaweli Poi and others.

Image above: Councilman Gary Hooser thanks those present for their dedication to issue and importance of march. Photo by Juan Wilson.

When councilman Gary Hooser, the author of the regulation bill spoke he thanked those who gathered, and indicated how important the show of numbers was as a political statement.

Image above: Councilwoman JoAnn Yukimura explains her  position on GMO Bill 2491 and hints at what she thinks are needed amendments. Photo by Juan Wilson.

JoAnn Yukimura spoke last of the county council representatives. She knew what the crowd wanted to hear - a rejection of GMO activity on Kauai and an enthusiastic vote for Bill 2491 that would be a first step in gaining control of the chemical companies poisoning the island.

She could not quite deliver that to the crowd. Yet they received her nuanced support for the bill even with the caveat that she was seeking to work with another council member to "improve" the bill. That would most likely be Council Chair Jay Fufaro, who was not present.

Image above: Crowd assembled on 22 Spetember 2007 supporting EIS before Superferry service was smaller, older and whiter than Mana March crowd today. Photo by Juan Wilson.

Above is a photo showing crowd at demonstration organized by JoAnn Yukimura at the County Building in 2007 before confronting Governor Lingle at the Convention Center. I would guess this crowd was maybe a third of today's assembly... And nobody thought to bring any food.

What's coming next?

Check out below!

County Council Vote
Taking a vote! Kauai County Council Committee hearing on Bill 2491 to regulate Restricted Use Pesicides and experimental GMO's on Kauai.

Monday, September 9th starting at 9:00am 
If you are hardcore and want a seat inside, consider arriving at 7:00am, yikes!

Kauai Council Chamber
Historic Kauai County Building
4396 Rice Street, Lihue, Kauai

Failed Promises, Flawed Science
Presentations of:
"RoundUp - The Silent Killer"
by Dr Don Huber, Soil Pathologist, Professor Emeritus Purdue University.

"Poisoned Soil - New Methods of Soil Remediation"
by Robert Streit, Agronomy Consultant

Tuesday, September 10th, starting at 6:30pm
Performing Arts Center at KCC
Puhi, Kauai

and also on:

Wednesday, September 11th, starting at 6:30pm
Waimea Canyon Middle School
Waimea, Kauai

See also:
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Juan Wilson said...

For video of this event check out

János Keoni Samu said...

And the beauty of the march was the disciplined behavior, the mana of the people, lots of children present and amidst the hundreds of flags and signs

Anonymous said...

As a long time resident of Kauai, since the 80's, I can only say that I'm very proud to of been apart of the march yesterday and hope our County council has the sense to stand up for what's right for Kauai. I heard Joanne get booed and even a burst of someone yelling "get off the stage" All in all everyone acted Pono.

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