Could Obama make it worse?

SUBHEAD: Yes. Besides ignoring global warming, ecosystem collapse, and predatory capitalism he could start WWIII.

By Juan Wilson on 6 September 2013 for Island Breath -

Image above: Modern Philoppine skyscrapers in the distance contrast with a typical shanty town in Manila Bay. Is this the future of First World as well? Yes, but the skyscrapers From (

First, I apologize for all the recent posts focusing on Obama's campaign for US military intervention in Syria. It's not really the core of our mission at IslandBreath. However, the combination of forces surrounding this proposed misadventure in the Middle East seems quite capable of spiraling out of control and leading quickly to catastrophic consequences.

Those consequences would include unrestrained exchanges of violence between the United States and other nuclear powers with regional interests. In other words WWIII. The nuclear powers with such interest include Russian, China, Israel, India, and Pakistan as well as America, England and France. Some line-up!

I've only felt that nuclear chill down my spine once before and that was as a young man in 1962 when the United States and the Soviet Union (led by Russia) played out a nuclear chicken fight with us over the Cuban Missile Crisis. Fortunately for the world, the USSR backed down. I don't think Russia today will repeat that embarrassment.

We can only hope Obama is praying to back out of this mess by having the US Congress deny him the green light.. Although I am beginning to think the same fungus in the Oval Office yellow carpet that ate George Bush's brain has taken Obama's.

We have plenty of work to due preparing Kauai for the hammer coming down on us. We need to get self reliant and resilient fast. But several things threaten us achieving that goal.  Here's my top five clusters of evil affecting Kauai.
  1. Climate Change - Global Warming - CO2 Emissions - Ocean Death
  2. US Military - Navy PMRF - Weapons Development/Testing on Land & Sea
  3. GMO BigAg Chemical Corporations - Poisoned Soil & Ocean - Chem Laden Food
  4. Fukushima Diaichi China Syndrome - Radioactive Health Risks in Ocean & Atmosphere
  5. Post Peak Oil Collapse - Isolation, Lack of Food, Medicines, Communications, Etc.

Unfortunately, Barrack Obama is pushing us in the wrong direction on all these issues. He's still whining about jobs and growth in a world heading for universal 3rd World status. I suppose he thinks he's telling us what we want to hear - but that's not a leaders job.

I see a leader's role as a) Facing the truth and making it beareable, b) Finding an action to solve underlying problems and c) Taking on in the chest, if necessary, to save the followers.

Incidentally, our heritage Rhode Island rooster did that just yesterday. Two good size dogs got in our yard and went after our thirteen hens. Those dogs probably could have killed several. By the time I realized what was going on all that remained of the rooster were some ragged piles of feathers and blood. One dog took off with a hen, but that was about all they got. I interceded with other dog that was trying to carry off a hen. She's a bit chewed up, but alive.

I never liked that rooster much, but he knew his job and did it. I can't say that for Obama.

Could Obama make it worse? It seems he's trying.

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