12th Kauai Seed & Plant Exchange

SUBHEAD: A fun community event with live music and food too, highly recommended!

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12th Biannual Kauai Community Seed and Plant Exchange

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 from Noon to 5:00pm

Kalihiwai Food Forest & Community Garden
Wai Koa Plantation
Kalihiwai Ridge
Kahiliholo Road (one half mile)

Phone: (808) 652 - 4118
We wanted to remind everyone  that the 12th Biannual Kauai Community Seed and Plant Exchange is this coming Sunday, starting at Noon, going till 5pm.  This is a great community event and is a great way to get a head start on your fall planting with seeds and cuttings provided by the community, all for free!

Fun community event with live music and food too, highly recommended!

It will take place at the Kalihiwai Food Forest & Community Garden, one half mile up Kahiliholo Road at Wai Koa Plantation, on Kalihiwai Ridge.

For more information.... Call 652 - 4118 or go to http://ribg.org/rbg/?p=1654

Hope to see you there!  Come by the GMO-Free Kaua'i table and say hello.

Voices From the Trees
By Staff at Regenerations International Botanical Garden

The 12th Biannual Kauai Community Seed & Plant Exchange will be celebrated on Sunday, September 22nd from noon ‘til 5pm at the Kalihiwai Food Forest & Community Garden, one half mile up Kahiliholo Road at Wai Koa Plantation, on Kalihiwai Ridge, Halele`a. Aloha `āina, music, food, and a wealth of seeds and plants will be enjoyed by all.

Kauai is leading the way toward food self-sufficiency by establishing a community food forest near Kilauea. This 2 acre project is only 9 months old, but has already developed an overhead canopy and is producing an inspiring variety of fruits, veggies, and root crops.

Dozens of volunteers have contributed their ideas and hard work to create this food ecosystem. The project is a creative experiment in community solution-making and the inherent balance and resilience of natural ecosystems.

The experiences that people have had developing and caring for the forest have already been life-changing, and the exchange will feature several food foresters speaking about their personal journeys into a new relationship with the land and each other. Tours of the forest, explaining the various methods and plants used, will be offered by members of the Food Forest Stewardship Circle.

Regenerations Botanical Garden, which organizes the event, is also proud to introduce the public to the new site of its permanent headquarters, located adjacent to the food forest and community garden.

The 2 acre Regenerations Seed Center will be a simple yet comprehensive facility for growing, processing, storing, and distributing island adapted crops and other essential biodiversity for remediating and enhancing natural agricultural ecosystems.

The Center will be designed and built with permaculture principles and methodology, providing many opportunities for creative hands-on learning. Once complete, the Center will be a regional training destination for seed production and stewardship of plant and soil resources by local communities.

Early check-in of plant material begins at 12 noon. Those bringing seeds and plants are requested to bring only GMO-free, pest-free, non-invasive material. Participants will fill out a label that identifies the type of seed or plant they are donating, its qualities, and location where it was grown. All seeds and plants will be given freely or traded.

The exchange will take place after the 2pm blessing. Speakers will begin at approximately 3 pm, followed by music by Malama Pono Allstars. Everyone is encouraged to attend; even if you have no plants or seeds to give away, there will be plenty to receive and share. Please leave your doggy friends at home. To find out more or for volunteer opportunities visit ribg.org or call 652-4118.

This event is the result of a remarkable collaboration by many Kau`i individuals and organizations, including Regenerations Botanical Garden and Kauai Community Seed Bank, GMO-Free Kauai, Malama Kauai, The Sanctuary of LUBOF, Food Forest Stewardship Circle, Kalihiwai Community Gardeners, KKCR Kauai Community Radio, Akamai Backyard, Heaven on Earth Starts, Kauai Beekeepers Association, and `Ohana o Kauai.

Jill Richardson
PO Box 1137,  Kilauea, HI 96754-1137
Phone (808) 652-4118
Regenerations Botanical Garden

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