The Tyrannosaurus in the Room

SUBHEAD: It’s up to We the People to get up off the couch, and to actively participate in our own destiny. By Fred Dente on 18 April 2011 in Island Breath - ( Image above: "Walking with Dynosaurs - The Arena Spectacular". From ( How many wars should America be fighting? How many nations are attacking America? How many foreign military bases does America need to be considered the most powerful and ambitious nation in human history? The answer to all those questions is Zero. The true strength of a nation lies within it’s borders. And, there is no doubt that America possesses more military power and weapons of mass destruction than all of the nations of human history, combined! America is armed to the teeth and it can defend itself from any enemy without having over 1000 military bases in foreign countries all over the world. The greatest threat to America lies within it’s own borders, in the nation’s capitol. The military/industrial complex is devouring most of the national budget, while it creates the targets it needs to satisfy it’s voracious appetite for destruction, greed, power and control of the planet and it’s resources. Since WWII, America pretty much created and nurtured terrorism in the world, with political assassinations, coups d’etat, support of brutal dictators, pre-emptive strikes on helpless countries, nuclear holocausts, genocidal embargos, chemical warfare, torture, wanton murder, massacres, rape and pillaging, etc… The arms manufacturers, dealers and their pimps in Washington now have just what they always wanted, a world-wide potential killing field, where the prospect of endless wars will keep them rolling in the riches and power they crave. And, they have a friend and willing participant in the White House. And, the profiteers and stockholders of those corporations walk among us. As the President and Congress decide which domestic programs to cut, in order to fuel their runaway train, the nation is reeling from huge numbers of unemployed, underemployed, underpaid and homeless workers. As America gets dangerously close to full-on economic meltdown, the mainstream media tells us that we only have two choices, the Republican plan for cutting domestic spending, or President Obama's plan for cutting domestic spending. The corporate media doesn’t say that the largest special interest in Congress (80 members) have put forward the only realistic budget on the table, the People's Budget, proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The proposal will cut military spending and end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all the other countries we are currently drone bombing, infiltrating and destabilizing. It will create a budget surplus by 2021, protect the social safety net, and put America back to work. Here, you can check out the link for the People's Budget:(,70). This coming Friday, April 22, 2011, from 6:30-8:45pm at the Children of the Land Center, located next to Papaya’s Natural Foods in Kapa`a, The Kaua`i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice will be presenting a free showing of “Standing Army”, a great Italian made documentary film about the forceful domination of Planet Earth through the presence of worldwide U.S. military bases. Opening the program will be “Hawai`i Versus U.S. Imperialism”, a clever and thought provoking animated short film from the Pinky Show. Light pupu will be provided. Talk story after the films. Please come with an open mind. It’s up to We the People to get up off the couch, and to actively participate in our own destiny. Think of what we are leaving to our Children and future generations. We built it, we can fix it. If we don’t stop the insane military madmen and bring the war dollars home, Americans won’t have much of a nation to defend, or a future world to live in. .

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