Parks & Recreation Master Plan

SUBHEAD: Give your input on the future of Kauai County Parks! Fill in the Questionnaire. By Linda Pascatore on 24 April 2011 for Island Breath - ( Image above: Looking northeast from Puolo Point. Eleele in distant right. Photo by Juan Wilson. Kauai County is gathering public input for a new Master Plan for our County's parks and recreation system. Please fill out the on-line questionnaire to give your priorities. There is space at the bottom of the form for personalized comments. Here is the link for the Park User Survey: My personal priorities are for more walking and bike paths, more natural recreation, and less development of sports facilities. I also used the last question, number 16, to propose my personal hope for the county to acquire the land at Puolo Point near Salt Pond Beach Park for a nature preserve: Several years ago, the state offered Kauai County the DOT land at Puolo Point (next to Salt Pond Beach). Mayor Baptise held a community meeting at Eleele school, and the consensus of the community was to make it a nature preserve, in it's natural state, and protect the salt pans. Mayor Baptise refused (he wanted to develop the park, and possibly put in a drag strip--terrible idea!), and he was not happy with community consensus. Please acquire this rare piece of undeveloped wet land shore, and make it a nature preserve. We see water birds and pueo there regularly. It is one of the few undeveloped pieces, and a local treasure. See also: Island Breath: Leave Puolo Point Alone 5/26/06 .

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