Pinky Show & Standing Army

SOURCE: Raymond Catania ( SUBHEAD: Two free movies about imperialism to be shown at Na Keiki O Ka Aina Center on 4/22 at 7pm in Waipouli.

 By Raymond Catania on 11 April 2011 for Kauai Alliance for Peace & Justice - 

Image above: The imperial home of the US Embassy in Iraq is the former palace of the Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard. From (  

Two free movies. "Pinky Show - Hawaii versus U.S. Imperialism" (short) "Standing Army" (feature)  
Friday 22nd April 2011 at 7:00pm  

Na Keiki O Ka Aina Center (The Children of the Land next to Papayas) Waipouli - Next to Papaya's Natural Foods The opening film is the animated short called the "Pinky Show - Hawaii versus U.S. Imperialism". The following is from Pinky's intro at the start:
"Every place has many histories. I can't think of any place that can be described or understood through just one story. In fact, studying all these different histories is one of the things that makes learning about places so fascinating! "On the other hand, we also have places like Hawaii, where there are stories being told about it that are so contradictory, so opposite from each other, that you have to wonder, is it really possible for all of these competing versions of history to all be true? "For example, here are two very VERY different ways of understanding Hawaii. Version Number One: Hawaii is the "50th State" of the United States of America, Hawaii voted to join the U.S. back in the 50's, and now it's just a really nice place to go for your vacation. That's one. "Version Number Two goes like this: Hawaii is not a part of the United States, actually it's a nation under illegal occupation since 1893, and a hundred plus years later there's still Hawaiian Nationals fighting the U.S. for independence. Have you heard this version before? No? "If you haven't that's understandable because, this story is very well-known - I guess you could say this is the 'official' story - and this one is definitely not nearly as well-known. Can two stories that are almost exact opposites from each other both be true? Or is one of them more substantiated by historical facts than the other?"
Secondly there is the feature film "Standing Army" which documents the over 700 U.S. military bases around the world which is a major cause for the U.S. economic crisis.
"Today there are more than 766 US bases scattered around the globe, spanning across more than 100 countries and hosting more than 250.000 soldiers, in addition to the one million-plus soldiers stationed in the US. Acquiring military bases and new territories through acts of war is not something new in history, and the United States are no exception. Almost every single war waged by the US in the course of the 20th century has left behind a trail of new military bases, not only within the borders of the defeated countries. This ever-evolving history is the starting point for this documentary, which will attempt to reveal the mechanisms, purposes and hidden strategies of the bases, as well as the risks they pose for the countries that host them. A blend of stories, history and reflections. A journey across six countries and three continents: Asia, America and Europe." - International Movie Data Base (
Here's a trailer.

Video above: A trailer from "Standing Army". From (

 Discussion and free refreshment will follow. The center is located in Kapaa next to Papaya's Natural Foods. this event is being sponsored by the Kauai Alliance for Peace and Social Justice.

 For more information call Kip at 822-7646 or contact Ray at Visit .

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