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SUBHEAD: Something worth voting for this time? Perhaps a turning point for KIUC. By Susan Dixon on 5 March 2011 in The Garden Island - ( Image above: Detail of cover of February issue of KIUC Current showing new solar photovoltaic array in Kapaa that recently went online and that KIUC is buying power from. From (

Anyone who gets an electric bill from the Kaua‘i Island Utility Cooperative should receive another post from the utility company in early March. This is not another bill. It’s a ballot listing candidates for the KIUC board.

The idea is to vote. Most people don’t bother. Why? Inconvenience can’t be the problem. You can vote in minutes by mail, online or over the phone. Or are we so accustomed to being run at the whim of off-shore corporations and interests — Borders being the latest casualty — that we fail to see the value of KIUC, a dying breed that is a wholly owned and operated by the people of this island.

Decisions made by the KIUC board are crucial to Kaua‘i’s sustainable future, environmentally and economically. But since the cooperative’s inception, many board members have found it difficult to accept the certainty of change, and act with the urgency necessary to secure the island’s future.

It’s not that they’re doing nothing. It’s just that they tend to move too slowly and hesitate too often.

In recent years, the mix on the board has shifted from a largely timid approach to a more forward-thinking attitude. But that mix needs to shift still more to encourage the often discouraged voice of cooperative members, and include stronger, more contemporary, knowledgeable and open-minded board members.

There are four new candidates running for the board, some with a lot of experience in alternative energy solutions and sustainability. Please don’t throw that ballot in the trash without considering what a well-balanced and informed board might mean to your future.

Take the time to vote, it could mean a brighter future to Kaua‘i and to you.

By Ken Stokes on 27 February 2011 in SusHI - (

A 'green' majority is possible, and new KIUC Board leadership* could help our island finally turn away from 'business-as-usual'.

So, this 2011 Board election is not just another voting moment-- it could be a turning point.

Do we 'get' how BIG this is?

With this prospect and at the urging of friends and colleagues, I feel compelled to run again** this year, so that our Co-op members have a clear choice.

Now, we must ensure that our neighbors and networks grasp this opportunity!

We have three weeks (until March 19) to deliver on our voting potential. The ballots will be in the mail this week, or co-op members (i.e., anyone with a utility bill) can vote online or by phone.

My intentions are made clear in my candidate statement and my comments at the public forum (where my intro comes about 23 min. in).

I am grateful for the parallel efforts of so many island leaders, and I know we can count on each other as we navigate our island's sustainability transition.

We are turning!

* building on trail-blazing efforts by Carol Bain, Ben Sullivan and Jan TenBruggencate ** running with Ben 3 years ago, we fell short by a few hundred votes

By Pat Gegen on 26 February 2011 in e-mail -

Hello Friends: I am writing to humbly request your assistance. I am running for a Director position at KIUC and I need your vote and as many others as I can get. If you believe that KIUC needs to: ~ be more aggressive in pursuing alternative and renewable forms of energy, ~ assist the member / owners decrease their energy usage in smart ways ( demand destruction), and ~ engage members in meaningful discussions regarding Kauai's energy future and be more transparent in the actions of the Board, Then I am the candidate for you. I am asking that if you believe we need the KIUC Board of Directors to embrace the ideas above I humbly request you vote for me and that you share this email with your friends and let them know you support me and my positions. If you would like more information about my positions as well as the other candidates please look at any of the following resources: KIUC's voter's guide: The candidates forum held at KCC: 3 Minute statements recorded by KIUC on Hoike channel 52: 5:18pm on Sat the 26th, 9:09pm on Sun the 27th, 8:31 am and 6:29pm on Mon the 28th, and 8:37am on Tue the 1st of March.

See also: , If you have any questions, feel free to email me back or give me a call. And please, cast your vote for the KIUC Board of Directors (no matter who you choose to vote for) when you get your Ballot. .

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