If a tyrant developed Kauai

SUBHEAD: This is the first time a developer would be granted a "Special Use Permit" to develop commercially on designated agricultural land.  

On 23 March 2011 by way of Keep Kauai Country - 

Image above: Still frame from video below.

The County of Kauai is on the brink of setting a dangerous precedent that would give developers a loophole enabling them to build commercial developments on agricultural land.
So far, the controversy about whether to build the Kilauea Pavilion has focused on the surface-issue of whether or not the community wants or needs an entertainment complex, which includes an outdoor amphitheater, in Kilauea. A story has been spun to make it sound like the controversy is about "elitists" of Kalihiwai Ridge who don't want the noise -- versus the local people who "need" the services of such an amusement center.
Though the surface issue is noise from the amphitheater, the deeper issue that has not been discussed is the dangerous precedent that would be set by the Kilauea Pavilion development. This would be the first case on the island that a developer would be granted a "Special Use" permit to build a commercial facility on State-zoned agricultural land. Don't we want to preserve our precious agricultural lands? Once this precedent is set, it could have grave impact on Ag land across the entire island.
Image above: Still frame from video below.
A little background info...
Last year, just before the Planning Commission was expected to approve the Kilauea Pavilion project, Kalihiwai Ridge neighborhood association president Jim Gair filed an intervention to conduct a contested-case hearing. This put a hold on related Planning Department proceedings until the completion of the hearing. The hearing required Bill Porter, the Pavilion developer, to prove to the commissioners that he should be allowed a "Special Use" permit to build commercially on State-zoned agricultural land.
Porter responded by launching a successful campaign to oust Gair and his board. The new board immediately withdrew Gair's intervention so that the contested-case hearing was never completed. Today it appears to be smooth sailing for Porter. With Gair's intervention out of the way, the burden of proof is no longer on Porter to prove why he should be able to commercially develop land zoned by the State for agriculture.
Yet to be scheduled sometime this April, the Planning Commission will conduct its final public hearing on the Pavilion.
None of Bill Porter's past donations should influence the people of Kaua'i to allow this destructive precedent to be set. It goes beyond whether or not he is a nice man. This is the future of the entire island we're talking about.
Image above: Still frame from video below.
If you want to stop this dangerous precedent from being set, please write the Planning Department today. Let them know you are opposed to any "Special Use" permit being granted that would allow commercial development on State-zoned agricultural lands. Your letter should be mailed to:
Ka'aina Hull County of Kauai Planning Dept. 4444 Rice Street Lihue, HI 96766
Please reference the following information in your letter:
Project name: Kilauea Pavilion (part of overall Anaina Hou project)
Class IV Zoning Permit Z-IV-2010-15, Use Permit U-2010-14 and Special Permit SP-2010-3
Video above: No longer available on YouTube. Was titled "Hitler Develops Kauai's North Shore". From (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgvn3gmthwo)


Anonymous said...

Jim looks like u in the hitler pic

Anonymous said...

Get the facts straight. the zoning was light industrial. Nobody wanted your self storage.
This IS what kilauea wants!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jim has a Hitler thing
Jim Gair -This is just another back door way to get millions of illegal imigrants an ID that could make them appear to be legal citizens. Mexicans will probably get a waiver from this new deal, just wait & see...
January 25 at 7:40am


Jim Gair- Is this his birth certificate photo ??
January 18 at 4:29pm · 1 person


Politics does make strange bedfellows...

Anonymous said...

Some weird comments so far, probably by the people poignantly slighted in the video. Young and old, you know who you are.

Frankly I think this video was super, incredibly sharp and insightful parody.

Northshore Fly on the Wall

Anonymous said...

From Bill Porter, you all won't believe this video unless you watch it for yourself:


Fly on the Wall

Anonymous said...

Correction on that:


Anonymous said...

Hitler is the most overused comparison. If you don't like what someone does you call them Hitler and they are instantly evil. He isn't evil, just rich and powerful. There were many other options for what could go on the land. Ten years ago they were going to put a light indutrial park in with self storage and laundromat & and they already put injection sewage treatment on on previous board of directors of KRCA land to facilitate. Thus now that someone else wants to develop, they are fighting because it will be soneone elses crap in their backyard.
Current board doesn't have conflict of interest like previous.

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