Total Lunar Eclipse in Hawaii

SOURCE: Dick Mayer ( SUBHEAD: Total lunar eclipse in Hawaii this Monday night, December 20th, at 9:40pm. Image above: Total lunar eclipse on 3 March 2003. From ( On Monday evening, Dec. 20, a total eclipse of the Moon will be visible. The full Moon and the Sun will be exactly opposite each other in our skies, and the Earth gets between them. This means that the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon, darkening it over the course of several hours. This eclipse will be democratically visible all over the U.S. On Monday evening, the sun will set and the full moon will rise at 5:39pm. When Will the Eclipse Happen in HAWAI'I?
Partial Eclipse starts ABOUT 8:32pm HST Totoal Eclipse Starts ABOUT 9:40pm HST Totality will last about 73 minutes Total Eclipse Emds ABOUT 10:53pm HST Partial eclipse ends ABOUT MIDNIGHT
As the shadow of the Earth slowly moves across the Moon, we first see only part of the Moon darkening (partial eclipse). When the shadow complete covers the Moon, we have a total eclipse. (Of course, if it’s cloudy, we would not be able to see anything.) What is Visible During a Lunar Eclipse? Are there colors? As the shadow of the Earth covers the Moon, note that our natural satellite doesn’t become completely dark. Light bent through the Earth’s atmosphere still reaches the shadowed Moon and gives it a dull brown or reddish glow. The exact color of the glow and its darkness depend on the “sooty-ness” of our atmosphere -- how recently volcanoes have gone off and how much cloud cover, storm activity, and human pollution there is around the globe. Is it Safe to Watch a Lunar Eclipse? YES Here is this eclipse's technical information with a neat simulation: .


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