I Have No Choice

SUBHEAD: Am I going to fight the system that enslaves my brothers and sisters and, ultimately, me? I have no choice.  

By Peaceful Life on 19 December 2010 in Nature Bats Last -  

Image above: "Couch Potato" sculpture by Guillermo Forchino. From (http://kaynegallery.com/forchino.html).

Whether it’s systematic dinosaur bureaucracy fueled by greed and ignorant arrogance or a lineage of agenda steeped in cowardly filth is not my concern. It’s broken. It doesn’t work, for me or you. For those at the top of the power pyramid, it’s all going perfectly well. For those who buy the nonsense spewed by the mainstream media and the corporations backing them, progress is proceeding according to plan.

Take a big bite of the bullshit sandwich at your own risk.

The generally narcissistic, self-absorbed, zombie-like, attitude we see among most individuals in our communities are bearing the expectedly rotten fruits of a self-devouring television culture addicted to dietary poisons, dependent on nation-states, big Pharma, and big Ag, hence denied any semblance of a real education. If that’s the point, then the system is working nicely.

And work it must, for the veil of perpetuated bullshit is so thin that the slightest winds of knowledge will tear it apart like a whale breaching the surface to exhale stagnant toxins and inhale the oxygen of truth. Yet, in “working,” the system leaves its architects totally devoid of empathy, so morally bankrupt that there is not one single metaphorical place to which I could allocate a place for their existence, other than the toy attic.

This status quo has brought us to a point at which, in order for it to be maintained, I must accept innocent people being slaughtered so I can drive my car. Entire countries must be raped of their dignity. Resources must be utterly destroyed so I can eat “inexpensive” food. Entire populations must be brutally enslaved — for me — so I can have cheap clothes and economic “goods” forced down my throat. And we buy it because from birth we are assaulted by mass marketing. The PR tyrants are no better than the bastards they “deal” with. Perhaps we’re right there with them.

Meanwhile, the laws of industrialized humans battle the laws of nature. The living planet convulses, as do the tyrants battling each other for nature’s bounty. They fight to keep delusional power over nature, not appreciating the irony of nature’s gifts: Immersed in Plato’s cave, we are governed by the false economic prophets du jour as they grasp at the shadows of fictional profit. The bright fires of reality intensify behind them.

No sane person would accept these false prophets. But the price for recognizing your own sanity is the cruel hand dealt you as the ones you care about, those you love, are so entangled in the web of denial that they simply can’t shake free. Shackled by lead boots, so brow beaten by the system’s dogmatic tricks, they have insufficient self-confidence to act against the imperial system and its masters.

Thus are we torn. The frustration becomes unbearable as our loved ones and friends fade from us. We see them trapped on the merry-go round of unwitting pain and destruction even as we stand begging, screaming, crying from the sidelines of hope, all the while knowing that they see us as crazy ideological fools. Tis cruel. Take heart, fellow freedom fighters: The system is so far out of kilter with respect to history, evolution, and sanity that our species can and must shed the diseased elitist power brokers from our gene pool.

This is cerebral evolution? Am I meant to accept that this system is simply the way it is, and should be? I think not, so I have no choice.

I have no choice but to take note that the choices we were given were never choices at all. Sitting in the school of life and eager for the answers, we sat down to exams filled with questions that could only be answered with lies that were deemed truths. And of course the main objective was to force a complete, surreal disconnect between reality and an unsustainable, unnatural system.

Indeed you did achieve this system, Dr. Kissinger and crew. But now we’re going back to nature and you can stick your Bernays mall where the sun don’t shine. The dirty tricks of politics duped us for a while, but now the people see it all and we’re coming back in style. Be careful in your fall from grace, as you are destined to join the people, to chat with them, face to face.

We must, and we will, transition to relocalization. This is not mere flippancy: The truth is, we have no choice. We demand a better world.

Am I going to fight the system that enslaves my brothers and sisters and, ultimately, me? I have no choice.

Do you?

. Peaceful Life claims to be a humanitarian activist living in the United Kingdom.

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