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SUBHEAD: Just in case you don't have access to WikiLeaks, due to ongoing cyberattacks, you can try some of these links.

 By IB Staff on 4 December 2010 for Island Breath - 

Image above: Covers of the rumor rag "Confidential" from the 50s-60s. "Tells the Facts and Names the Names". From (

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DNS-Mirrors (Hostname Aliases - Names, which point to Original-IP)
  • Note: Please check if entry already exists! Thanks!
OpenNIC DNS Mirror - (Instructions: )
Redirects (IP):
Broken DNS | diversions:
Mirrors [Content-Mirror]
(Mirrored (copied and re-hosted) content) (independent)
  • 100 Mbps, according to 2TB Traffic per month -> 10MBit
  • Cluster: Yes
  • will be protected in the event of massive DDoS to my employer infrastructure.
  • Bandwidth: 100Mbit
  • Transport: Flat Unlimited/100Mbit
  • Bandwidth: 100Mbit
  • Traffic 2-4 TB a month
  • Allowed in a cluster
  • Traffic: 2TB / 100Mbit
  • Cluster: Yes
Mirrors [reverse proxy]
Broken Mirrors:
  • Broken @ 201012040204 GMT +1
  • resolves https: / / / wp /
WikiLeaks dump's
(11.4 MB, Rev. 4.12. 20:58, 842 cables, SHA1 9a347c81c704713d34c63a9ae2c2d02fac6ddb4c)
Dropbox Set
Tor (onion routing) Mirror -
Freenet-Dump Site
  • SSK @ zDu8HawsepqF0ZvcHtP-5s9AdcNbU-aRHO4SSYs0Cpk, RVHNiANBwJ2It3qyknfgXPHNJvw9-RCRkIPpN83buaM,AQACAAE/wl_03-12-2010.7z
Related Links
Press reports
Older leaks
Tips & Tricks
  • Create Mirror: To keep the WL servers alive, please download an existing dump.
  • wget -mk [DNS Mirror]
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