iPad use like masterbation

SUBHEAD: Famous Japanese animator is repelled by "touchy-feely" narcissism of stroking smart devices.

Image above: Frame from "Howl's Moving Castle" animation by Hayao Miyazaki. From (http://steampunkscholar.blogspot.com/2010/06/howls-moving-castle-hayao-miyazaki-dir.html).

By Staff on 13 July 2010 in Huffington Post - (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/07/12/hayao-miyazaki-ipad-use-d_n_643304.html)

Filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, known for animated cinematic greats like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and Howl's Moving Castle , is no fan of Apple's "magical" new iPad--or gadgets in general.

According to Kotaku, Miyazaki compared iPad use to masturbation in a recent interview with a Japanese publication, "Neppuu."

"For me, there is no feeling of admiration or no excitement whatsoever," Miyazaki reportedly said about the iPad, which he dubbed a "game machine-type thing" that people use by "stroking with strange gestures". "It's disgusting. On trains, the number of those people doing that strange masturbation-like gesture is multiplying."

It's not only the iPad Miyazaki is giving the cold shoulder: he has said that he doesn't own a computer, fax machine, or DVD player; rarely watches TV; and doesn't know how to use a video camera.


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