Fracking B.S. in New York

SUBHEAD: Act today to protect New York's clean water from dirty drilling of natural gas. 

By Staff on 26 July 2010 at Clean Water not Dirty Drilling

Image above: Frame from video below. Man sets water on fire. Methane gas in tap water is one danger of new fracking technology.

[IB Publisher's note: Why should we care here in Hawaii about this issue? Because we use natural gas and have to import all of it. The US military, which uses most of the oil from the BP's offshore drilling should feel some responsibility for the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico. We should insist that natural gas is procured through technology that does not destroy the places it is taken from; just as we would benefit from those eating ahi in Japan should be concerned in regards to possible over fishing in Hawaiian waters. My wife and I still own what was a family farm into the 1950's. In the 1970's a gas well was drilled on it using the techniques of the day. The drilling of that well 35 years ago disrupted the flow of water underground and affected the recovery rate on our water well to this day.]

New York's clean water is at risk. Our state is home to some of the cleanest drinking water and best fishing streams in the country, but natural gas drilling could decimate these precious resources and endanger communities across New York. The choice: Issue permits for gas development too soon -- and risk dirty drilling that could pollute our drinking water, or Take the time necessary to understand the potential impacts of gas development on our water, air, health, and communities. Help New York make the right choice TODAY! Right now, New York Senate Majority Leader John Sampson is on the fence. If he doesn't bring the issue to a vote before the legislative session ends, we will have chosen to risk dirty drilling by default. Just like Pennsylvania did.

Video above by ( Thanks to the folks at who made the vid, and the makers of and, without whose footage it couldn't have been made.  .

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